Best medal to use?

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User Info: Val265

4 years ago#11
The Supreme Jacker posted...
I'm using Juggernaut's right now. It has a small % chance to make you invulnerable for 4 seconds. The thing is with the amount of times you get hit by something it procs pretty frequently.

So many times yes, I use this on The Thing and since I used my Retcon Device to pick up nothing but Defensive powers he just trololololols his way through everything solo.

Case in Point I was doing the end of the Stryker mission with a party, we killed Pyro then my party kind of sat around in that room for a long time. I guess they didn't realize there was more or they were watching the movie. Anyhow I soloed Magneto down to half health without using a single Health kit before they came along to help mop the job up. This medal is so insane for any tank type of character.
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User Info: gangoplush

4 years ago#12
kagster123 posted...
That's ok, thanks for the offer, but I just have 2 more questions.

What are the artifacts that you can put beside the medals? I have't found many.

Also, I want to play with DD a bit, but it says if i restart the story with him I love progress of my current character. Why is that?

Artifacts just have other small stat increases. Some can have other things you can do. Some are beneficial some are terrible. I've found a few that let you see enemies on the map. I have one that summons a raptor but it's terrible. Poor thing dies in 1 hit usually. Theres some cool ones that Ive seen that let you do other things like turn invisible.

You can restart with DD and you will still be able to pick up where you left off with Storm. It's weird. If you would restart, your objective would change to whatever you have to do for DD. If you switch back to Storm, it will still say your DD objective until you go back to what you were doing with Storm. I would just beat it with Storm since you're so close to the end and then switch to DD.

User Info: Zenlightened

4 years ago#13
I've found two artifacts I really like so far:

Super Soldier Serum
+120 health regen per minute
+693 health

Starstone Tooth
4.2% dodge chance
+287 health
15% chance to regenerate 240 health when you hit

Now this is on a level 30 spiderman, so the starstone tooth is amazing. Big dodge increase, more health, and a lifesteal effect which procs frequently (15% is huge with fast attackers). The Serum dropped off some random bad in one of the green terminal missions, and the Starstone tooth dropped off some boss near the end of the story.
So it goes.

User Info: gangoplush

4 years ago#14
I just got an artifact that gives me a power that adds 420 to my next power. it recharges every 20 seconds.

I play as Colossus. He has a spinning attack that with that artifact, the damage is almost 1000 and I can hit multiple enemies 4-5 times.

User Info: rvnender

4 years ago#15
currently using captain america. i'm using the eletro medal with him, mix that with +spirit and +health and his multi hitting shield move and youre an unstoppable killing machine.

the only down side is boss fights.
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User Info: NicoGrimm

4 years ago#16
The Doctor Octopus medal is perfect for Storm.
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User Info: DoctorDoom80

4 years ago#17
Bullseye is really good for Cyclops.

I used Doc Ock for Thor.
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User Info: Visani_Chante

4 years ago#18
NicoGrimm posted...
The Doctor Octopus medal is perfect for Storm.

The only time my Storm has traded this out is to put a better Doc Oct medal in.

I think I am currently sporting 20% AoE radius, 9% AoE crit, +10 damage, and +1 skills.

User Info: spongemonkey26

4 years ago#19
Just beat story and have found modoks to be the most useful. Haven't done dailies yet.
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User Info: Think_Phone

4 years ago#20
I put the doc ock medal on scarlet witch with +15% radius bonus and I specifically tested it before and after and it seems like there's no difference in the size of her aoe spells at all :(

also the crit part of it is apparently bugged and doesn't work

on paper that one sounds great though maybe a higher level version would be more noticeable.
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