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User Info: skylinefreek

4 years ago#1
Content Additions
New item tier: Cosmic

Doctor Doom’s machinations have caused the Cosmic Cube to leak dangerous cosmic power into the universe. There are reports of items in the world that have been enhanced with powerful cosmic properties....

A new level of item rarity has been added to the world: Cosmic Items.

Cosmic Items have the following features:

· All 5 basic item types are available in Cosmic rarity
· Cosmic Items have a yellow highlight in your inventory and yellow text
· Cosmic Items always have 5 affixes
· All cosmic items have an additional bonus of +1 rank to all powers

In addition, every cosmic item has a special ‘Cosmic Power’. We are launching with 5 cosmic powers, each with a new visual effect:

Cosmic Starfall: Chance on hit to deliver a barrage of cosmic beams from the sky, heavily damaging enemies in an area around your target.

Cosmic Bulwark: Chance to spawn a cosmic shield of invulnerability around the wielder during combat.

Cosmic Demonspawn: Chance to summon a powerful cosmically-charged Ngarai Demon during combat.

Cosmic Devastation: Chance for the wielder to explode with devastating circle of cosmic energy when hit.

Cosmic Might: Chance to charge the wielder with massive cosmic power, dramatically increasing their combat abilities.

Design Note: Each of these cosmic powers is intended to live up to the cosmic name in terms of power. Tuning will continue after launch to ensure each cosmic power is dramatically impressive when they activate (from a visual and power standpoint). Additional cosmic properties may be added to coincide with certain storyline occurrences. Note that this additional level of rarity is just one of many item types currently in development.
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User Info: Siphon_Shael

4 years ago#2
Seems interesting and fun. Maybe a bit OP... but I like that and thats been needed for awhile. Wonder if they will only drop in certain areas or if they drop like everything else. Max level only? How crappy will the stats be? I mean... My Iron man hit 60 last night but I havent found a single upgrade for him since I was around 48 due to the poor abilities on the epics ive found. And I didnt even look at upgrading blues at that level due to the cost.

All in all. Im excited about these. Hope I get one soon!

User Info: Claw7DS

4 years ago#3

See them in action! :)

User Info: Claw7DS

4 years ago#4
Wow. check out this small part of a post from Doomsaw...

Someone asked "So what do you think about these making purples useless?"

Doomsaw's response, pay attention to the last line!! :)

I think it's inevitable that purples will eventually be replaced by Cosmics, Uniques, Legendaries and other types of items. Purples will still be worth looking at, of course, because there are 5 random affixes on both Cosmics and Purples.

There is a decent chance you get a purple that is just perfect for you and it takes a long time to replace.

Once Uniques and Legendaries are in the game, they will be less obvious upgrades and probably more like sidegrades or upgrades for specific builds and strategies.

That's not to mention new item slots, enchanting/socketing, relics, superteam items, rare medallions, etc. "

User Info: Siphon_Shael

4 years ago#5
Claw7DS posted...

See them in action! :)

Thanks for that! interesting to see. Although I am dissapointed Doomsaw thinks theres a good chance of replacements... as my previous post stated... the random stats on armor is probably hurting the game more than helping. I cant find any armor or gear worth using... Oh well. Ill just cross my finger and hope that if and when I get a cosmic item...its usefull.

User Info: Akazora

4 years ago#6
Whomg a cosmic drop ----- oh wait, I can't use it because i'd lose my +4 to thundering tempest.
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