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User Info: Kratoshadow

7 years ago#1
"Title" share some of your tips and tricks for this game. Here are some of mine (I use a GC controller):
1. Tapping - instead of moving the control stick left or right fast as it will make you swerve, tap it slowly to turn.

2. Race Mode
a) For almost every stage underneath the top one equip 1 or 2 acceleration, 3 grip and 3 speed this will keep you ahead of the CPU's without going out of control.
b) if you want to "take down" a CPU then ram it's back wheel with your front wheel or side otherwise it will backfire NOTE - doesn't always work, very useful at beginning but Head CPU might be harder to catch up if it fails
c) When you reach the top stage be warned the CPU are crazy... boosting 4 times in front of a u turn... best way to start is to either try to take down the Head CPU at the beginning or just boost (be careful of CPU ramming you)
d) Try to judge whether a crash will land you upside down or right side up.

3. Solo Mode - a) try to keep a constant speed by boosting every once in a while

The main reason i made this topic is to encourage others to buy this great game because many have been putting it down. The game is hard at first but like any other with practice it becomes easier. Even though this games title is "Speed" Zone it's more about control because even the CPU flip from going on too many boosts.

I have yet to find any "secret" cars or anything due to the fact that it's a rental.

I hope this helps anyone who's playing.

User Info: Kratoshadow

7 years ago#2
Ok rentals gone tomorrow but I did find some secrets so...


ok after beating race,solo and battle modes you get a gold trophie which gives you a nice shiny black skin with stripes of the original design... ex. samurai=black with red stripes.

Unfortunately thats all the secrets I found because the wrenches are too hard to get (not find*)... you'll see if you get to vector,magarlis and tolueene.

Some Shortcuts that are pretty cool are on loop-de-loops (duh...JK) for example on frotzum you can just boost at the very first loop and be a little bit ahead.(I won't guarantee that you'll land though) There might be something that you get after being 1st in everything.

That's all ... not to help on Spyborgs (not a rental but bought for same price!!)
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