don't be fooled by the demo

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User Info: vandwedge

7 years ago#1
You read the reviews calling Osmos a "chill" game. The most relaxing, ambient experience you can have in gaming. And you play the demo. And it seems true. Osmos is fun and relaxing.

Then you buy the game, only to discover that after the relaxing demo levels are a series of levels more frustrating and tedious than you could have imagined. If you haven't already bought this game, don't. Just play the demo and uninstall it.

User Info: Sharpe

7 years ago#2
This is truth...I was NOT chill after trying to play the last group of levels. I straight up got frustrated and had to stop playing. It seemed way to unfair at times (the AI being able to move faster than you, allowing it to absorb and grow faster than you, etc etc). You still can't go wrong with the music. I don't know if I'd go as far as saying to not buy the game because of it, but just know that it can get pretty difficult pretty fast...
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