This game vs Magical Battle Arena?

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User Info: chidoran

7 years ago#1
For those who played the doujin game 'Magical Battle Arena', how do you compare its gameplay to the official Nanoha PSP game? <-- For those who haven't played MBA here's a video of Nanoha story mode playthrough.

User Info: jimoly

7 years ago#2
I prefer MBA than this game.. This game have fewer char selection and attacks.. Like in this game nanoha couldnt perform exelion buster like MBA, etc..

User Info: Heavenwargod

7 years ago#3
This game is essentially a clone of it (in my opinion).
Makes me feel sorry for MBA's creators.
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User Info: MaxDarkSoul

7 years ago#4
yup i feel that this game is pretty inferior to MBA. the first time i watched the gameplay it already felt bad, but i knew i had to try out the game by myself. and after trying to game it WAS bad.

MBA had more skill and timing to it, area management and the graphics seems sharper and the voices are better. plus the lack of two specials (MBA had one normal big AOE and one single target), the REALLY little moves( although both had little moves, this PSP one makes it look even lesser because you can only use two at any given time.

in short, i don't feel this game is not really worthwhile
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User Info: Hojo_Inverse

7 years ago#5
I don't see how anything could be worse than MBA
The AI is super cheap in that game, and the controls are too clunky. The only thing it has going for it are the flashy special moves, which the CPU dodges 90% of the time (if you manage to charge them that far without being hit, that is, which is also a rare occurrence)
8.8, lol

User Info: Crystania

7 years ago#6

Learn to EX guard and use back/front teleport. Play MBA as you would play a DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi game.
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User Info: Shdwfalcon

7 years ago#7
I prefer MBA, this game feels too incomplete or rushed. Its like a last minute attempt at squeezing Virtual On's gameplay system into PSP using Nanoha as the theme.

Btw, is it me or is MBA Complete Form's teleport even harder to execute?
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User Info: Kaikuro

7 years ago#8
The AI is super cheap in that game,
Uh, practically every character has a tool to deal with lvl 5 AI with extreme ease, and with enough player skill, Nightmare difficulty isn't too excruciatingly painful.

and the controls are too clunky.
They were bulky, but not too bad once you got to use them.

The only thing it has going for it are the flashy special moves, which the CPU dodges 90% of the time (if you manage to charge them that far without being hit, that is, which is also a rare occurrence)
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User Info: BlissfulPoison

7 years ago#9
While I do agree that this game does feel a bit rushed, it's not all that bad---despite some of it's more 'Fly-System'-esque qualities. If out of anything, I'm glad to see Chrono and Zafira in the mix.

There's lots of room for improvement though, you've gotta admit. Maybe Fly-System/Area-ZERO could get together with the creators and make something awesome, especially if they plan to put in the StrikerS Forwards. XD

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User Info: chidoran

7 years ago#10
I agree, the gameplay system has so much room for improvement. I'm hoping they'll add high speed dashes, cause I felt the game felt a bit slow paced compared to MBA. More attacks would be nice too; Constant side-stepping & spamming one move makes the AI kind of easy.

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