Game won't launch

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User Info: The Other CASIO

The Other CASIO
7 years ago#1
I installed the expansion today and when ever I try to launch the game by pressing the play button, a black screen appears for less than a second then nothing happens.

Has anyone else had this problem, I restarted my computer, reinstalled the game, used a registry cleaner, and updated my video card driver. I'm out of ideas, can anyone help?

User Info: MarthChan

7 years ago#2
I dunno. My sister can't get the game to work either, but she gets an error message. Do your desktop icons work at all?
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User Info: Died Again

Died Again
7 years ago#3
I had the same issue when I updated my drivers. Try going back to an older set.

User Info: Tempohyeah

7 years ago#4
make sure you dont have mods/packages in your sims 3 root folder (if you have custom content that is)
see if you can find your configuration file and set everything to low and try then you can attempt to run the game and change video option as you wish

User Info: king6475

7 years ago#5
I had the same problem, until I cleaned the registry of any TS3-related stuff and reinstalled. I dunno what your registry cleaner edited, but EA has a pretty good tutorial on their site that tells you exactly what to take out. Worked like a charm for me.
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User Info: FireAnne

7 years ago#6

Okeey, let me add my solution too :D

I had the problem with both base game and then with adventures. What solved it for me was deleting cache files in My documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3,CASPartCache,compositorCache,scriptCache andsimCompositorCache. Also if you have a folder calledWorldCaches there, delete everything in that folder.

But if nothing helps, just reinstall the game without any mods and I'm pretty sure it'll work.. :-)

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