Please HELP!! My Sims are missing from their vacation?!

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  3. Please HELP!! My Sims are missing from their vacation?!

User Info: zanewonghk

7 years ago#1
so i saw this topic on the official sims3 forum, but i couldn't reply since i'm playing a cracked version. and since i'm having the same problem, i think some of you guys may some day get this weird glitch as well. the problem happened after my main character went on a trip to france(been on trips many times), after reaching visa 3. i purchased a vacation house there and was pretty happy with it.
Once i returned home and waited for another 2 days for another vacation, i decided to visit china. when the loading was completed, nothing was there, i couldn't seen any sims around, even the side bar with the icon was blank. the only way to get out was to load from the main menu....

it seems to me only my MAIN character had the problem, the daughter and son had no trouble visiting other places, but once my main character is with the vacation tour, everyone has disappeared. if you guys know a patch or a mod to fix this please please tell me !

User Info: TRBO_RAD

7 years ago#2

GRRR...i have this same problem have your sims randomly died yet LOL. BC i had the same problem except reverse i had a house in china and level3 then went to france for an adventure and everything fell apart. When i first arrived my sims where there but both icons were missin on side bar i was simply watchn them counldn't do ne thing. Then i quit and returned and they couldn't go ne where they kept warping idk why. Then i quit again hoping to solve my problems but it didn't so i sent them home and i saw them walk in the house so i saved bc i had had enough glitches for one day i play the next night they both died and are lost somewhere in FRANCE bc i can invite them home via my third player but they are foreign it says but they walk to a house in sunset valley and disappear when they leave??? Nothing i have tried has gotten them back soooooo beware it could be getttn ready to happen to you

User Info: Neonivek

7 years ago#3
Ok here are some tips

ALWAYS do Vacations in ONE go... If you need to do something else in real life then end your vacation. Never EVER save on vacation.

If you head to or back from a vacation and your sim and/or their portrait is missing... DO NOT SAVE!

In fact load your save from right before you went on vacation.
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  3. Please HELP!! My Sims are missing from their vacation?!

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