Chapter 2 Act 1?

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User Info: schloopysnoopy

7 years ago#1
There's a giant rock I can't seem to pass...

Anyone know how to get around it?
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User Info: Zero_Blazer

7 years ago#2
Try scanning it? Hold L trigger and press any direction on the D-pad.
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User Info: Werzaque

7 years ago#3
One thing the game forgets to tell you is that you need to have at least one gun (one you can aim with) in your inventory, or else some missions are impossible to solve.

User Info: ghosdott82

7 years ago#4
No, you do not need a gun to break down the wall. Just center your goggles (first person screen) onto the green circle that will appear on the wall and then smash it.

By the way, i have made to universe five without using any guns.

User Info: iSelphy

7 years ago#5
Now for another question, how do you S-rank this mission?
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User Info: Zero_Blazer

7 years ago#6
For part 1, you simply evade all traps. So basically, run into the fire in the first puzzle. In the 2nd puzzle do not run into the black fire. Then when where is another fork, scan the rock in the middle of the fork, and go the direction opposite of where the arrow is pointing, and you should arrive in a cave. Afterwards, find the exit that has a purple flower like the ones you've seen instead of a pink (i think) one. After that you should be done.

For part 2, it's pretty impossible unless you power-leveled or are playing post-game.
For those without dreams, may you die in peace...

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