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User Info: DoomDragon8274

6 years ago#1
Welcome to the Phantasy Star Portable 2 Board FAQ! Hopefully this will answer any question you may have about the lastest game in the Phantasy Star series, and help cut down the number of repeat questions being asked!


Note: Helping with stickies would be nice.


[1]General Questions
[1.1] Release Dates
[1.2] Demo Information
[1.3] Japanese DLC in US version
[1.4] How many character slots are there?
[1.5] New Game+
[1.6] Will I like this game?
[1.7] Major Changes or Omissions in the US/EU/AU versions
[1.8] Transferring a PSP1 Character
[1.9] Transferring Bonuses
[1.10] Do I need to play Phantasy Star Portable 1 before this?
[1.11] Is this game available on the PSN?
[1.12] VisiPhone Passwords

[2] Gameplay Questions
[2.1] Level Caps
[2.2] Leveling Photon Arts
[2.3] Photon Arts Limit
[2.4] Any new weapon types?
[2.5] Are there any changes to the Armor system?
[2.6] What was that summon attack I just saw?
[2.7] Any changed to Nanoblasts?
[2.8] Any new SUV weapons?
[2.9] Other new gameplay additions
[2.10] Shared Box?
[2.11] Those people in the Cafe?
[2.12] Urgent Missions
[2.13] Rare Bosses and Shops

[3] Class and Race Questions
[3.1] Are there any new races?
[3.2] Only four Classes?
[3.3] Vanguard?
[3.4] Class Customization
[3.5] Type Abilities
[3.6] Best Class/Race combination?

[4]Online and Multiplayer Questions
[4.1] Is Online free?
[4.2] Chatting Online
[4.3] Auto-Text Explanation
[4.4] How do I get online?
[4.5] Does this require a PSN account?
[4.6] How does Online mode work?
[4.7] Versus Mode
[4.8] Loot Management
[4.9] Online/Ad-hoc mode differences?
[4.10] Soloing Multiplayer missions?
[4.11] Trading and Player shops?
[4.12] Ad-Hoc Party?
[4.13] Partner Cards

[5] Misc Questions
[5.1] Where do I find "X"?
[5.2] Good PSP2 websites?
[5.3] What is Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity?

"I was in the item world and apparently, Jesus is a level 8 Cleric. O.o"- CodyFTW

User Info: DoomDragon8274

6 years ago#2
[1]General questions

[1.1]Q: What is the release date?
A: At the time of writing this

Japan- 12/03/2010, 08/26/2010 (PSP the Best)
North America- 09/14/2010
Europe- 09/17/2010
Australia- 09/16/2010

[1.2]Q: Is there a Demo?
A: Yes, you can get it on the Playstation Store.

In the Demo you are allowed 2 save files. You can play up to the end of Chapter 1 in the story mode, and the online mode WAS available, but has since been taken down, after the full version was released.

The demo allows a character to reach up to level 15, and the character data from the demo can be imported into the full version, in it's entirety!

[1.3]Q: Is it possible to use DLC from the Japanese version for the US version?
A: No. If you do convert your save, the DLC will turn into randomly useless items.

[1.4]Q: How many character slots are there?
A: 8

[1.5]Q: Does this game have a New Game+ feature?
A: In the truest sense of the word no. But once you finish the story mode all of the story missions will become available to replay, and harder versions of the story missions will be unlocked.

[1.6]Q: I really enjoyed PSO (Phantasy Star Online), but I couldn't stand PSU (Phantasy Star Universe), will I enjoy this game?
A: This game at it's core still plays like PSU, but with gameplay changes and additions, many from PSO and PS0 (Phantasy Star Zero). Check out the "Gameplay" section for more information. While it will all boil down to personal preference, I've seen many cases of people hating PSU, yet loving the Phantasy Star Portable games.

[1.7]Q: Are there going to be any major changes or omissions to the US/EU/AU versions?
A: The only major ommision seems to be the voices from the text cutscenes. This was possibly to cut down on the size of the PSN version, which is significantly smaller than it's Japanese counterpart.

[1.8]Q: Can I transfer my characters from Phantasy Star Portable 1? And if so, what is transferred over?
A: Yes, but it only transfers the race, gender, name, and any clothing or parts your character was wearing. Nothing else transfers over. When you import, it looks as if your character turned into the default look for that race and gender, but you can still make your character look just like it was while being able to change your name but not being able to change your race and gender. Realize the clothes you were wearing before importing is un-equipped and put in your inventory.

[1.9]Q: Any bonuses we get for importing?
A: Yep! You get an Exam saber with a random ice element percentage and a freeze effect. You also receive the "Veteran Guardian" title that rewards a room decoration. And depending on what class you have chosen AFTER importing depends on what cosmetic module you get to equip to your armor slots. What you get for each class is:

Hunter: Cosmic Particle C
Ranger: Brightness Circle C
Force: Flower Art C
Vanguard: Whitill Wing C

(Thanks to MrMittenss for clarifying this)

[1.10]Q: Should I play the first Phantasy Star Portable before this one for any reason?
A: There's no huge reason to get the first game either story-wise nor content-wise (excluding what you get above, it's not entirely important to get the bonuses). If you just want to see the story even though it doesn't relate too much to the sequel, go ahead. Just realize it's not as awesome and it lacks a lot of features such as online play.

"I was in the item world and apparently, Jesus is a level 8 Cleric. O.o"- CodyFTW

User Info: DoomDragon8274

6 years ago#3
[1]General Questions Continued

[1.11]Q: Is this game available on the PSN?
A: Yes, for $39.99 (plus tax depending what state you live in).

[1.12]Q: Is there a list of the VisiPhone Passwords (Demo and Retail)?
A: Yes, but at the time of posting it only includes the Demo passwords (which WILL work in the retail version), and it will be updated as the retail passwords are released.

[2]Gameplay Questions

[2.1]Q: What are the level caps in this game?

Characer level- 200
Class Level- 30

Photon Arts depend on the class:

Hunter- Skills 30, Bullets 15, Technics 15
Ranger- Skills 15, Bullets 30, Technics 15
Force- Skills 15, Bullets 15, Technics 30
Vanguard- Skills 20, Bullets 20, Technics 20

[2.2]Q: How do I level up Photon Arts?
A: To level up Photon Arts in this game, you must find a higher level version of that Photon Art, either dropped from an enemy, or purchased from a shop. The lower leveled disc you recently have will be overwritten if you learn a higher leveled disc. If you want to save the lower leveled disc, unlearn it and then learn the higher leveled disc.

[2.3]Q: The Photon Art limits from PSP1 and PSU were annoying, did they fix that?
A: Yes, you can now have every Photon Art in the entire game equipped at the same time!

[2.4]Q: Are there any new weapon types or Photon Arts?
A: Shields are the only new weapons, but some existing ones have been given some minor changes. There's mostly just new Photon Arts for them.

[2.5]Q: Have there been any changes to the armor system?
A: The whole "Head, Arm, Body, Extra Units" thing is gone, and units can be equipped freely as well as being able to equip more than one of the same kind.

The max number of slots per armor being four. C-Rank armor has 2 slots, B-rank armor has 3, while A-rank and S-rank armor have 4.

Also you can now put up to six different armors on your pallette for swapping in the same manner as a weapon.

[2.6]Q: I saw a Human/Newman using this summon type attack, what is that and where can I get it?
A: That is a Mirage Blast. They are the Human/Newman equivalent of a SUV weapon, and there are equipped, and can be purchased from the armor shop. You have to be level 10 or above to use one and equip a B-rank armor.

[2.7]Q: Have Nanoblasts been changed in any way?
A: They have in fact. At level 10 you unlock two, which are the normal ones from PSP1 and PSU. At level 20 a stronger one is unlocked. At level 30 the Silver Nanoblast is unlocked, and has a different appearance, along with new attacks and the possibility to do the "Black Nanoblast". At level 40 the Gold Nanoblast is unlocked, which is stronger, and also has the possibility to do the "Black Nanoblast". At level 50 the invincible Nanoblast is unlocked.

[2.8]Q: Any new SUV weapons?
A: Yes, Vivian Punisher, Big Impact, Air Ride Cluster, and Flame Panzer.

They can be seen here:

"I was in the item world and apparently, Jesus is a level 8 Cleric. O.o"- CodyFTW

User Info: DoomDragon8274

6 years ago#4
[2]Gamplay Questions Continued

[2.9]Q: Any other gameplay changes that haven't been asked yet?
A: The Dodge roll from Phantasy Star Zero has been added, and Gun PA's have to be charged by holding Triangle, in order to be used.

The chaining system from Phantasy Star Zero has also been added in to add an extra layer to the game play. Chains are built up by using a normal hit, and when a photon art is used the attack is powered up proportional to the chain built up. After any player lands an photon art on the monster, the chain will stop building up and disappear in about 3-4 seconds.

Wands and Rods can now do a three hit combo, with each attack casting quicker than the last. TCSMs cannot combo.

PP is assigned to your character instead of the weapon, but recovers quickly.

[2.10]Q: Is there a shared box in this game?
A: Yes there is! It holds up to 1000 items, and can also be accessed at any shop counter! On a side note, you can now send items from your inventory straight to the shared box from the field. You are able to store anything in the box to transfer to your other characters.

[2.11]Q: Who are those people in the Cafe, and what is their purpose?
A: They give you special missions to complete, and are unlocked as the game progresses. Each one has you clearing a specific free mission, with certain criteria. For example, you may have to clear a mission under a certain time limit, or by only using a certain weapon type. Upon completion you are given a reward, and more client orders may be unlocked.

[2.12]Q: What are Urgent Missions and how do I play them?
A: You have the chance of randomly earning one after completing a Open Mission. BUT only during ad-hoc or infrastructure mode as they DO NOT appear during story mode.

During an Urgent Mission, meseta and MP payout are greatly increased, and there will also be a 300% drop rate boost. Once completed you will not be able to play another Urgent Mission until another one is earned. PSU vets should find these missions very familiar. If you leave to the main menu or turned off your game and did not do the mission, the mission will disappear.

[2.13]Q: What are Rare Bosses/Shops and how can I find them?
A: They are randomly found when playing Open Missions.

Rare Bosses can be randomly found at the end of an Open Mission if the normal Boss doesn't appear, and the Rare Shops are found randomly in the middle of an Open Mission.

For more information, go here:

[3]Class and Race Questions

[3.1]Q: Are there any new races in Phantasy Star Portable 2?
A: Nope, Humans, Newmans, CASTs, and Beasts are the only races.

[3.2]Q: I heard there are only four classes in this game, is this true?
A: Yes, Hunter, Ranger, Force, and Vanguard.

[3.3]Q: Vanguard?
A: Yes, Vanguard (known as Braver in the Japanese version) is a new class in Phantasy Star Portable 2. They are this game's equivalent to Phantasy Star Portable 1's Acromaster, or Phantasy Star Universe's Acrotecher and Acrofighter. They have a decent balance of all three weapon types, and are fairly proficient with traps.

"I was in the item world and apparently, Jesus is a level 8 Cleric. O.o"- CodyFTW

User Info: DoomDragon8274

6 years ago#5
[3]Class and Race Questions Continued

[3.4]Q: I also heard something about customizing classes, can you explain this?
A: Although there are only four classes now, they can each be customized! Each class level you gain gives a certain amount of points which are used to upgrade weapon proficiency. For example, say your Hunter has a C-rank in Sabers, you can spend 50 points to upgrade your Saber proficiency to a B-rank, with each upgrade costing more points than the last. You can always re-allocate those points as well for use in other weapon classes how ever many times you'd like.

However, each class is better at certain weapon types than others. If for some reason you want to have your Hunter to have better Rod proficiency, then it will cost many more points to upgrade than it would say, Sword proficiency.

[3.5]Q: Is there any other sort of class customization?
A: Yes, there are now abilities that give many different affects when equipped, ranging from stat increases, to even rare item drop increases! Each class has their own unique set of abilities that are unlocked at certain class levels, and can even be used on other classes.

Here is a list of all type abilities, their associated class, and level they are unlocked.

[3.6]Q: What is the best Class/Race combination?
A: I wouldn't say there is one, best combo, but some are definately better than others.

THOTH was nice enough to make a topic that rates each class/race combination, so check out that topic here:

[4]Online Mode and Multiplayer Questions

[4.1]Q: Will online be free?
A: Yes

[4.2]Q: How will we chat online?
A: Via in-game keyboard. No mic. We can edit and use pre-chat messages as well as Auto-Chat. No "qwerty" keyboard as it is in ABC format.

[4.3]Q: What's Auto-Chat?
A: They're messages that your character will automatically say when a certain event occurs. You go to the Auto-Chat menu and you'll see a handful of conditions where you can insert messages in for your character to automatically say, such as when you get healed, you can make your character automatically say "Thanks!" for you.

[4.4]Q: How do I get online after buying a copy?
A: If you bought the UMD then you need to go to the PlayStation Store, via your PSP, that corresponds with the version you bought (Ex. If you have the Japanese version you need to go to the Japanese PlayStation Store). Then click on the icon with a "12 and a pencil" on it (second one from the left). Then enter in the code provided in the box, and you're ready play online!

If you downloaded it off the PSN, there is no need to enter in any code.

[4.5]Q: Will the game require PSN accounts to utilize infrastructure mode?
A: Yes.

[4.6]Q: How does the online mode work? Are there lobbies?
A: There are no visual lobbies in Phantasy Star Portable 2, instead when you connect online you are brought to a menu where you can create a room, where three other people can join, by checking a list of other rooms. You can set limitations for the people joining your room, or lock it so only people you give a password to can enter. However, after your party is all set and the host confirms it, there is an hub you can roam around in with other players.

"I was in the item world and apparently, Jesus is a level 8 Cleric. O.o"- CodyFTW

User Info: DoomDragon8274

6 years ago#6
[4]Online Mode and Multiplayer Questions Continued

[4.7]Q: Is there any new mode additions?
A: Yes, there is a Versus Mode with 10 missions that allow team-based and free-for-all missions up to 4 players. Here's a link to demonstrate one of the missions.

[4.8]Q: How is the loot managed online?
A: When a monster is destroyed, different loot drops for each player on their own screen. No player can see the loot that was meant for the other players. Just the loot they can grab. This doesn't mean you get less loot than you get in single-player.

[4.9]Q: Is there any difference between Ad-Hoc mode and actual online play in terms of content?
A: No.

[4.10]Q: Can I still play multi-player missions alone?
A: Yes but to a certain extent. Some missions will require you to be with at least one other human player.

[4.11]Q: Is there any player shops?
A: No but you can trade with other players in the cafe, but only weapons of B-rank or lower can be traded.

[4.12]Q: We can use Ad-HOC party too, right?
A: Yep. Just realize it's more vulnerable to people who cheat.

[4.13]Q: How does the partner card system work?
A: They're your friend lists basically and can contain up to 100 cards and tell you when a friend is online. They are account-wide so you don't have to keep adding the same person that keeps making new characters as well as if you made a new character.

[5]Misc Questions

[5.1]Q: Where do I find X Weapon/Armor/Unit/PA?
A: You're best off checking

[5.2]Q: What are some good sites devoted to Phantasy Star Portable?
A: -The Japanese Wiki that I keep linking you, it's a gold mine of information. -Excellent PSP2 blog written and maintained by WBMike. -Partially complete Wiki in English, has some translations, but isn't nearly as complete as the Japanese Wiki.

[5.3]Q: What is Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity?
A: PSP2: Infinity is an expansion for PSP2 that was announced recently. It's to feature a new story mode, a new races, redisigned online mode, and much more! Read all about it if you like on and clicking "Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity" on their navigation bar.

As of yet, it has only been announced for Japan.


Huge thanks to zxelman for reading over this, and adding all of the information that I missed, as well as proofreading it. Thank you very much!

The three sites listed in the above section for having all of the information I would ever need about PSP2

Thank you for reading this, and have fun with Phantasy Star Portable 2!


And don't forget to sticky!
"I was in the item world and apparently, Jesus is a level 8 Cleric. O.o"- CodyFTW

User Info: DoomDragon8274

6 years ago#7
Lasty, you can join us on our IRC channel #PSPo2, on to chat about PSP2 and meet up for online games!
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User Info: musumane

6 years ago#8
Requested a sticky for you , I feel this will be helpful to prevent board flooding
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User Info: Zmaster13

6 years ago#9
Requested ^^
PSPo2: Milla L7X
Join the chat to find parties! #pspo2

User Info: DoomDragon8274

6 years ago#10
Thanks! I sure hope this will prevent flooding the boards with redundant questions too. With the board getting so populated we really needed this.
"I was in the item world and apparently, Jesus is a level 8 Cleric. O.o"- CodyFTW
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