How to level up type quickly?

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User Info: redog003

6 years ago#1
I plan on making my Cast Hunter into a lvl 8 vanguard for a while just to get the best abilities of a vanguard. After that, I switch it back.

So back to the main point, what would be the best way to level up the type quickly and what quests give high exp for leveling up types?

User Info: Sketchie

6 years ago#2

You can get 136 mission points in 3 minutes if you know what you're doing.
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User Info: link93mario

6 years ago#3
gamega whats that?
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User Info: Vertanius

6 years ago#4
JP DLC, sidescroller-ish

User Info: ZoMG__

6 years ago#5
Or if u want something that's less risky and a little less Type point however.. spam 5-1 Hard mode..
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User Info: hector85

6 years ago#6
^ also takes almost 3x as long as gemega.

User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
6 years ago#7
Bring a gun for 5-1 or else those sandworms will keep burrowing over and over again, wasting time.
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User Info: darkante

6 years ago#8
I would use a proper Ex stun trap placement for the worms to save some time.
Also, some Ex traps for those big bots.

Saves some time.

User Info: ZoMG__

6 years ago#9
Gamega could be quite hard if u don't know what to do, and more risky compared to 5-1 which is really player friendly to complete, even though it could take 2-3x longer than gamega..

And yes bring a gun for those annoying burrowing sandworms
PSPo2: Valliance L17X

User Info: Malficious

6 years ago#10
as a vanguard Gemaga is pretty easy once you learn where to use your traps. I had a lot of trouble initially. But once i started maining twin sabers with blade destruction and placing my traps efficiently i can tear through there pretty easily in about 4-5 minutes. Not record breakingly fast, but it beats doing chapter 1-1 in story on hard and having to skip cutscenes and skip tutorials and all that stuff over and over again.

give Gemaga a try once you've gotten some levels in vanguard
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  3. How to level up type quickly?

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