Cwcheats. Request?)

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User Info: ImphyyAmeh

6 years ago#1
I was curious if there is a item hack list for Costume, and TECH items
Plus some photon art for magics?.

User Info: Syrcus

6 years ago#2

User Info: Vandalier

6 years ago#3
Cheating filth.
I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and my feet are killing me.
Lin Huang, HUcaseal, Lv 173, HU 20/RA 30/VA 10/FO lol
(message deleted)

User Info: _chaotikz_

6 years ago#5
Yeaaaaah ... you probably should go fetch some fireproof gear, a flame war is imminent ( how original ).

( a word of warning ... type "hack" there in the search bar to understand all the hate )

User Info: NekoBou

6 years ago#6
3 months away and I still get a kick from watching people come to this board where hackers are hated and asking for hacks XD

User Info: SenpaiX

6 years ago#7
Huh! Another noob!

I bet you can't chain either in game

User Info: HeavensEnd

6 years ago#8
just when you think stupidness has a limit...
Ayami is Woo Boost

User Info: G_Corp_CEO

6 years ago#9
@ TC. There are places for asking but unfortunately for you this is not one of them.
PS:P2- INVINCIBLE! ,30 HU, 30 VA, 30 RA, 30 FO. Artist formerly known as Kazuya Mishima.

User Info: _Redhair_

6 years ago#10
Seriously dude this is not the right place to ask 4 that stuff..
and stop askin' for anything cause hacker will make u lvl o..
Learn how to play..>.<

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