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User Info: gnahzdivad

6 years ago#51
I really appreciate what you've done so far. I've always been wanting to play this game for the longest time... And just asking, where will the releases be? Gamefaqs doesn't support this kind of thing, so do you have another place to check for info etc?

User Info: Arcsodeus

6 years ago#52
certainly he will post more info..... but for now... we'll have to cruise the JP version....

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User Info: alissonam

6 years ago#53
I just wanted to know, Death_Fire 11, are you working on the translation alone or there is someone helping you? I'm just curious... Also, where will you release your translation? Do you have some website in mind?

As always, good luck on the translation!

User Info: Villack

6 years ago#54

We have faith in you Deathfire!

Keep going and thanks for everything you've already did.

And sorry if there are grammar errors, english isn't my first language.

User Info: Highwind07

6 years ago#55
Good to see your progress! :o yay!
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User Info: Dorfl_2

6 years ago#56
Go for it! I always think of making a translation when I play a very good game in Japanese, but then I think of the sheer effort and I'm like "meh". It's good that someone's actually doing it. Even if it's bad I won't say a thing!
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User Info: Kiigora_LoP

6 years ago#57
Any guess as to when the text will be released? If you plan on making a translation patch you should post something on GBATemp, I'm sure they would jump on the opportunity since most of the text is already translated.

User Info: Malefic_DarkEON

6 years ago#58
I really love you for what you do ^^
if i wasn't a men i would kiss you :)
I can't believe that this game isn't planned in USA or Europe.
i'm looking forward to your glory finishing.

Sorry for mistakes English isn't my first language.

User Info: alissonam

6 years ago#59
It's been a long time since you posted any news, Death_Fire 11. How's the progress of the translation now?

User Info: whdks

6 years ago#60

What program are you using to translate?

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