Operation Weserlbung

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User Info: stevedrew

7 years ago#1
I only bought this game yesterday, and whilst I'm not happy with the internet requirement to play, I still think I'll persist and play all the missions. Therein lies the problem.

After the first "mission", Invasion of Poland, you return to Kiel and your captain is issued another boat, and you are given command of his boat. You get the boat refitted by chatting to one of your men, then chat to an officer to get given a mission briefing. All you're given is a general overlook of the current situation, you're told that you should just take out merchant shipping to the best of your ability. They don't give you a specific mission.

You leave, and still are unable to enter your boat. Finally, you speak to the officer who originally got you to your briefing, and he asks if you really want to go on a mission without a briefing. If you say yes, you get to leave port, and let slip the dogs of war.

I thought perhaps after you reach British waters, they would radio instructions to you, but no. I went on a rampage, loosed all my torpedoes, returned to Kiel, but they would not allow me to go to a mission briefing, only to refit my boat.

I thought this might change after I got back to British waters, but no. I have returned to Kiel four times, but they won't give me a briefing for the next mission "Operation Weserlburg".

How do I get to this mission? Is it merely waiting for a certain time frame, and causing mayhem until then? I radio every two hours to see if they recall me or reassign me, but to no avail. Does anyone know how to proceed further?

User Info: gijas

7 years ago#2
stevedrew posted...
How do I get to this mission?

Well, I did the same thing as you by talking to the commander and getting a briefing then returning back to the pen. I tlaked to him again and then was able to either choose go on the mission or do a patrol which I choosed the mission for taking out British shipping. Make sure you have icons on the map near Britain. There should be a german cross (its very small) that you can click on when in the world map. Also, there should be a couple of icons (larger ones) where you can click on them to see a brief mission description on the pop-up menu. These missions are base don the amount of ships (tonage) you sink and once the amount is exceded then you can progress to the next mission. Im not sure though if you have to go back to port to accept the mission or if you can do it through radio contact or the map sinc eIm still completing the first mission.

User Info: stevedrew

7 years ago#3
Thanks Gijas.

That would be it. I suppose I'll have to restart the campaign again, but that's ok because I only just worked out how to use the deck gun, and I missed a number of sinkings because of my inability to work out the deck gun, and thinking that it might be an "ability" I had to earn enough points for to enable. I just went home saddened watching three ships smoking, badly on fire, but unsunk, but I had no torpedos left.

I have passed by those little crosses during my forays out to British waters, and clicked on it, and it showed a British International Waters Line, but I just clicked it once, not double clicked it.

I'll start a new campaign and try to click on those when I get the WW2 overlook mission briefing at HQ.

Oh, BTW. In case anyone else couldn't work it out either, you talk to your XO on the bridge, and tell him to man the deck gun. He yells out "Man the deck gun" but they don't appear on the deck or open fire or anything. What you need to do is go aft on the sail, and climb down one of the ladders on the side of the sail, and you end up on the deck, and the gun crew appear on the deck gun. You move the mouse to alter firing direction and elevation, and fire with the Left Mouse Button. The manual mentions that you use the TAB key for aiming, but that merely brings up your TAI Map (not the navigation one).

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