SP cost are sky high, this update killed dust for me.

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  3. SP cost are sky high, this update killed dust for me.

User Info: Lum_the_Mad

4 years ago#1
Right now I'm not even sure I can stand to play this game. I have over 7 mil Sp and I could barely get the passive armor and shield upgrades maxed out. I didn't even get any regulator or recharger done for shields either. Who ever said things cost less over all was lying because of all the extra requirements to each skill.

I used to have all of the core pasive skills maxed, a handful of weapons taken to a few levels and mass driver up level 3 of what ever the second level skill was. Never mind more than a few points wasted on tanks, turrets and the like.

Now I can't even get the pasive skills and my logi equipment back, never mind weapons or vehicles. Some one in my corp said it would now take over 80 years to max out everything, as opposed to the old 7 years and I believe them. I feel like I can't do anything and if getting over 7 mil sp maxing out my cap every week since the open beta started got me next to nothing.. it's not getting better any time soon.

The selection of starter suits is pretty bad too. Not a single logi suit amongst them any more. All you have is the assult medic with a nanite injector but nothing else. That is goign to raise cost by a lot, having to buy at least milita gear for every suit you want to use.

The new death screen gets more than a little anoying after a while too. You just get some statics about who killed you and are asked to push X to confirm. I don't think any one knows that bleeds you out though because now I can't pick anyone up because they just bleed out instantly.

Overall imo this update looks pretty and some real thought went into it. Sadly I think it managed to break everything that was right about the old Dust. I don't want to have to grind away for 5 years to get back the equipment I used to have a day ago...
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User Info: indycoltfan1988

4 years ago#2
not to mention they destroyed hmgs completely
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User Info: IamI3rian

4 years ago#3
It doesn't bleed you out, but you need to call for help (by hitting X again) to get the indicator. People can shoot your body easier to bleed you out.
Remember: IamI3rian told ya.
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User Info: darthsnider

4 years ago#4
The only real gripe I have so far is that they messed with the aiming. Making it so you pretty much cannot adjust your aim at all while firing is ridiculous. lol
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User Info: Jitawa

4 years ago#5
I had about 7.6 mill, and was also a logi pre-uprising. I submitted a help ticket about being locked out of using the Sever suit I paid Aurum for, because it not requires spec'ing into Minmatar Medium Frame to V, and then Minmatar Logi 1. For a standard suit.

I kinda like the idea of specialization in general though, it just seems like the requirement bat only hit the logis.

With 7.6 though, I was able to take Caldari Logistics to proto (that's about 5 million for Dropsuit command, Caldari Medium V, and Logi V). Not cheap, I agree. I also maxed the passive shield and armor skills, and took a single rank in the equipment skills only to discover they were nerfed. The shield skill itself was a lot cheaper than shield control used to be though.

The passive weapon damage skill went away, so there's no need to skill into that. I had enough points to take a weapon to proto as well though, and I got single ranks in the shield skills and one in armor reppers.

I mostly use the standard-level logi suit, but I get the passive bonuses for having the suit skill to V (armor regen and shield extender boost). I can bring out my logi equipment, and fill out the std suit with militia BPOs. Even though the SP cost was high, the cost of the cheap-fit std suit isn't bad at all.

Anyhow, so 7.6 million (not far off yours) got me proto logistics, proto level weapon, maxed shield/armor passives, and at least a few ranks in shield skills and the equipment. I'm not a maxed character by any means, but the 7 million was sufficient.

User Info: carlos1879

4 years ago#6
With 7.2mil I managed to get adv logi, proto MD adv rep tools/nanos/injectors getting proto nanos/injectors today, all shield extender and hp upgrades. Armour hp and plate upgrades, some in armour rep. And enough pg/cpu upgrades to carry what ever I like at the moment.

My plan is proto nano/injectors because they are a must for CB/PC then finish off electronics and engineering proto rep tools (100hp/s looks great for chubby support.) Then finish off proto logi. Then restart my LAV skills.

To get all of the above I gave up on my LAV skills and AV so I cant be as effective in vehicles or taking them down but I am still just an as effective logi/bumblebee.

User Info: Realtalk_Clover

4 years ago#7
The real rub for me is that rather than give us more depth of customization for SP sinks, they instead choose to make the grind much bigger than it used to be

-Increased the cost of many core skills to 3x

-increased the cost of dropsuit class (now racial variant) skill to 10x

-removed weapon weight class skills in favor of individual skills for each weapon AND increased skill cost multipliers for them. For example, light weapon rapid reload applied to all light weapons and cost roughly 600k. Post-patch, just assault rifle rapid reload costs 1.86 MILLION.

-forced a 6x (1.8 million SP) investment in basic suit frames to unlock the skill that unlocks racial variants (previously noted to be a 10x itself). Logi has it the worst, having to unlock whats basically a proto-assault suit without the race bonus in order to get STD logi suit. There isnt even a militia logi suit anymore

Then theres that awkward moment when you realize that the proto assault suit you were forced to pay for completely outclasses everything but the proto logistics in both mod slots and cpu/pg, So you are forced to make the decision between racial passives and equipment, or a far superior suit.

How are new players supposed to compete when they get 500k skill points and earn 380k each week if they hit the cap.

To get a prototype racial dropsuit, you need 4,980,940 SP, add another 12k if you want a scout suit, another 35k if you wanted heavy.

That is 13 weeks that a new player would have to grind to get a racial protosuit if that is the only thing that they spent SP on. Then you need a proto weapon and complex modules, throw in the (now more expensive) 25% armor/shield/cpu/pg skills. A new player is looking likely looking at 6 months (hitting the cap EVERY WEEK) of being pubstomped before they can actually be on par.

Its disgusting...

User Info: Lum_the_Mad

4 years ago#8
Yeah it sucks to be a logi now... Not only for the high cost in SP just to get a suit with more than one equipment slot. But it takes a lot of Sp to get the equipment to put into those slots, plus you still need shields, armor and weapons to some degree as well.

To top it all off the Logi suits seem to be painted gold.. so everyone can pick you out of a crowd and kill you.
"That is not just scraping the bottom of the barrel, that is lifting the barrel up and poking some of the slimy sludge growing underneath the barrel."

User Info: Jitawa

4 years ago#9
For NEW-NEW players, I think it's actually easier to recommend they make a character (say, use your recruiter link, it gives free stuff anyhow), and let them sit on passive experience for awhile so they have something to work with to start.

I wasn't "totally" ineffective using starter fits with 0 skills after uprising though (I waited and read before using the SP). There was definitely some stomping, but I could be a help. Better in a squad of course.

I think they want to make it a long-haul situation like EVE, where your character can conceivably be growing for quite a while before they hit maximum potential. 7 mill represents a hefty time investment, but I think they imagine people spending more time than that to max out the relevant skills for their character. Speed is checked to some degree - they don't want the MMO situation where anyone can just grind to max by playing 24/7... ergo the caps.

I think planetary conquest and faction warfare might draw the higher players away from the public games as time goes on as well.

User Info: Realtalk_Clover

4 years ago#10
I can see your point. but they could have added tons of new skills to spec into that offer interesting choices. Instead they chose to jack up the prices of everything that was already there, then INCREASE the requirements to get dropsuits.

They went about it the wrong way.

For example: Separating the weight class weapon passives into skills for each weapon is acceptable. Proceeding to then triple the cost of said passives is a bit too much.

Another example: Separating the racial dropsuits is cool, if someone wants to swap from minmatar suits to gallente suits, they have to earn it. These are interesting, branching pathways. The issue is that they made the racial variants a 10x skill with a 6x prerequisite. This is needless grind, nothing more.

10 weeks of dedicated cap-hitting play to go from standard racial dropsuit to proto racial dropsuit, when that is the only thing you spend SP on, is absurd.

CCP wants this game to last for years, and for people to still be upgrading their characters years down the line. This isnt going to happen if the skill system is a boring, simplistic grind. They are making the game a part-time job, rather than a game.

The game is already struggling to keep 4000 concurrent players at any given point, and this is 2 days after a huge update.
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  3. SP cost are sky high, this update killed dust for me.

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