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User Info: EX_Bortthog

4 years ago#11
When finding a place to snipe from you generally have two things to consider, safety and field of fire.

Nope. Your Field of Vision. All you need. If you can see them, they can see you. If there's buildings and stuff in your FoV, you picked a bad spot usually because its easier to be sniped yourself by lockdown

The general rule of thumb is the harder it is to get to your spot, the better it is

*calls dropship and flys anywhere while you say "The ultimate sniping spots generally require a dropship" and I laugh

the better your spot the more likely you will get counter sniped

No, the better the spot the harder to be counter sniped because the best spots aren't used spots, but spots you won't look
#1 Cactus

User Info: SorenWW

4 years ago#12
Lum_the_Mad posted...
Snipers are fine, no worse than most shooters in where they can kill you in one hit, maybe two. The problem in dust is two fold imo. First the way most of the maps are designed they favor snipers because they are so open with very little cover. Add to that armor plates slow you down to a crawl, it makes no scouts very easy targets.

You might have a few hundred more HP total than a scout but compared to them you might as well be sitting still to a sniper. The other problem is dmg mods aren't that amazing for the most part. Sure you can more easily one shot a guy in a starter out fit, but high end suits are still going to take 2 or 3 shots to kill. Snipers who forgo the dmg mods for shield extenders are the most dangerous imo. They might not kill you in shot but even if you find them and fire back they have so much defense their basically invicible. Try landing 2 or three shots on them before they kill you or duck behind cover.

I don't mind a sniper being able to kill me from a distance, but I would like at least to have the knowledge in knowing that said sniper was wearing the tissue paper armor you would expect. Heck because of their insane ability to get shields right now Caldari logi's kind of make the best snipers....

lol. so wrong. 1) a head shot from a sniper rifle should 1HKO you. 2) A headshot from anything but the Officer Weapon (a salvageable item only) will not kill anyone in a proto suit (which is almost anyone). Even then, without 3 complex damage mods, most Logis and Assaults can still survive that.

3)Even on open fields it can be hard to land a shot, without those headshots it can take an entire clip to kill someone. rough terrain and strafing are the key to stop snipers from getting that headshot. Not to mention there are horrible limitations on sight. A weapon with a range of 599 meters can only see 400m. If you stand in one of those buildings than you disappear into the ground.

4) Damage mods are the most pivotal part of sniping. Without them you can;t do enough damage to kill someone. They become a tool used to steal kills from your allies, not weapons in their own right. You armor tank a sniper, not shield tank. You are objectively wrong.

5) when you die it shows who killed you and how much armor and shields they have left. not to mention the suit and weapon they were using.

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