Please educate me (Xbox 360 gamer)

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User Info: BWO_Arbiter

4 years ago#1
a)When they say this game is free, does that mean I buy the retail copy and THEN I play without a monthly fee? Or does that mean I download the game and it is 100% free?

b)How does PSN work? Do I actually need to pay a monthly fee to play a game online like this one?

In short, could I go over to Walmart right now, throw down the money for the PS3 and come home and get to play this game without ever opening my wallet again?

c) Is this a good free to play game, or one where you have to spend hundreds in microtransactions just to stay afoot?

d) About what percentage of a player's success would you attribute to raw skill, as opposed to being a higher level or spending more?

e) If your PS3 broke today, would you buy another one just to play this game?

Thanks for any help guys.
+1 to MS for taking 2 huge steps in the right direction. Now if only they fixed the rest of the problems :-(

User Info: Realtalk_Clover

4 years ago#2
PSN is 100% free. There is a premium service called PS+ that gives you a lot of free games and discounts in the store. For Playstation 4, PS+ will be required to play multiplayer, but im pretty sure it will be cheaper than or equal in cost to xbox live gold. PS3 will remain free to play online.

Dust 514 is totally free, i havent spent a penny.

There is very little pay2win in dust, real money spent just advances your character progression faster or allows you to temporarily use better gear you lack the requirements to use. Real money spent saves time, or provides convenience, with the rare P2W exception that the developer is quick to correct when the players call them out on it.

I would say 70% of a players performance is skill based. Despite what people tell you, better gear makes a rather huge difference. In a battle of two players of equal skill, the player with more time invested in the game and thus better gear, will win. However, the way the skill system works, you can advance to a medium level of gear rather quickly, the best of gear will require much time and dedication.

About half of your potential weekly experience earnings are passively earned, whether you are playing or not. This means if you get burned out, you can take a few weeks off and come back to a small fortune of exp to spend. The other half, however, are wasted if you dont meet your exp cap by actively playing each week. If you are a hardcore efficiency nut, you may find yourself playing the game for the purpose of meeting your exp cap for the week, rather than because you WANT to play at the time. From the other point of view, you may feel less pressured to play constantly because a good portion of your characters progression is accumulating whether or not you are actually playing the game.

The game currently is a par for the course lobby shooter, with many flaws that hold it back from being the great game it could be. It is also rather bland currently, as the developer is slow to mold it into the persistent world MMOFPS they want it to be.

It is a damn good game for something you can fully experience for free, so for all its faults, its a great game, that i would recommend everyone at least try.

If my PS3 broke down today, i would buy another one as soon as possible, not just for this game, but for all the rest of my games. I have had a much better experience with the PS3 than the 4 Xboxs that all RRoD'd on me in under a year each.

User Info: BWO_Arbiter

4 years ago#3
Thanks Clover, your answers were very helpful :-)
+1 to MS for taking 2 huge steps in the right direction. Now if only they fixed the rest of the problems :-(

User Info: STT_Zidane

4 years ago#4
This game is currently a WIP, but it's still fun if you are on a squad. If you like Halo, you should be right at home.

The game is f2p, not money required (other than the cost of your ps3 and your internet obviously)
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User Info: obliviondoll

4 years ago#5
Clover said it all VERY well.

There are occasionally items that appear on the AUR (real money) market which are better in some way than the items you buy with ISK (in-game currency), but when they show up, players point the devs at them and those items are promptly nerfed into line with the regular version.
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