Damage question about vehicles.

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User Info: DARKZ14

4 years ago#1
Will running someone over with LAV always kill them on the first hit?
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User Info: highsummoner1

4 years ago#2
it seems so, though if you're moving slow you can push an enemy and it will cause a less than lethal amount of damage.
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User Info: EX_Bortthog

4 years ago#3
No, its wonky but you CAN clip someone and do non-lethal damage at full speed

Don't bet on it though, always assume a LAV at any speed is a TKO
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User Info: cisquo10

4 years ago#4
Full hit on the death screen is like 10,000 damage...pretty dead.

If I slam my LAV into a tank...with it deliver that 10,000 damage too?...never though about suiciding into a tank...or fly a dropship right into the tank..(militia dropshop btw)
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User Info: EX_Bortthog

4 years ago#5
It wont destroy the tank unless your decked out in damage reduction and the tank is weak or has low HP

My Logi LAV has 42% damage reduction and can ram free/standard/Scout LAVs at full and blow them up, but I lose my shields and have 40% armor

I can ram a tank and explode, but do considerable damage to the tank. Let it be noted that LAV passenger seat (not the turret) and the tanks front turret (on the bottom of the tank) are bugged and you CAN kill those people via ramming them onto red stuff, but you risk your vehicle and it has to be a direct hit on the LAV passenger door or the tank turret

Ramming red LAVs/tanks and causing them to blow up counts as a 100% suicide and you get no WP or ISK towards that particular "kill(s)". Its pointless to due if your going after WP/ISK but hilarious if your doing it just to do it
#1 Cactus
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