interesting sucessive kills we've all had.

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User Info: silent0ne456

4 years ago#11
The dropship dropped my LAV on the unsuspected player

User Info: Lum_the_Mad

4 years ago#12
LAV's falling on people is always funny, especially if they kill you while your waiting for it and get squashed after your dead.

Recently though I've had a blast with cheap suits and remote explosives. Nothin like placing some explosives and luring people to get blown up. People never wonder why you pop around a corner, spray a group and run away.....

Even more cruel tactic is putting remotes near dead guys to blow them both up after a medic picks them up....

remotes = laughs, even when you blow yourself up.
"That is not just scraping the bottom of the barrel, that is lifting the barrel up and poking some of the slimy sludge growing underneath the barrel."

User Info: deadly_shotz

4 years ago#13
i had a plasma cannon and i was reloading. a guy with a scout dropsuit with an assault scrambler rifle chased after me. then i said, screw it. oi changed to my scrambler pistol and he came out of nowhere spraying to catch me if i ran. thats when i aimed at his head, shot once, and that was the end of him. then i shot my plasma cannon at a random wall and i threw a grenade oin the air. the locust grenade fell into (glitch?) an enemy dropship.and the plasma cannon blew up 5 people in a tight space. then the genade exploded.12 kill streak and then i laid a precision strike on an enemy spawn point. turns out i guessed right, people were hiding cloaked so 4 more kills.

User Info: operator879

4 years ago#14
silent0ne456 posted...
The dropship dropped my LAV on the unsuspected player

I did this to myself yesterday by not paying enough attention to where i was standing compared to where the dropship was going to drop my baloch-impact and got myself squished lol.
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  3. interesting sucessive kills we've all had.

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