Dust 514 1.2 patch

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User Info: Toho2

4 years ago#1
Posted a video of the loading screen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEzyU0X9lNg
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User Info: Lum_the_Mad

4 years ago#2
Well I just finished and played a few games, i'm not too impressed. The team mate revie seems to have honestly been fixed to some degree but nothing else is that important to me. Thenew mods in this patch seems to favor shield users and scouts this time as a whole. The new armor bits are for people who want to go fast, and rep a little bit of HP. Unfortunetly for everyone else the cost is high, and the rewards are low.

For some reason the new shield energizers give you tons of shield recharge for very little cost, and no skill requirments. A complex shield energizer gives you 60% recharge increase for a mere 6% loss of shields, thats 6 out of every hundred shields you have. For most people thats 12-18 shields for a recharge bonus better than the complex recharger, for no skill!

The armor plates all take the armor plating skill to use, thankfully not even the combination armor/rep plate takes both. Unfortuently while the armor plates benefit from your skill to give you more armor, they don't get a bonus for more repairs. So you get a flat 1 or 2 Hp/sec from them with no bonus for having a high armor rep skill. The enhanced plate is particularly bad since it only has 10hp more than the basic plate and still gives the mere 1/hp a sec.

Honestly if your not running a scout suit with less than 100hp, 1-2hp a sec would take forever to make much of a difference. The new cost of the armor plates are wierd too. They have very low CPU requirments, almsot half that of a normal repping mod, but two to 4 times as much PG requirment.

I love the idea, but the stats are all wrong in just about every way. CCP's attempt to make armor 'not suck' failed horribly.
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User Info: Realtalk_Clover

4 years ago#3
The new shield module isnt -6% total shields, its -6% base shields, so you only really pay about 10 shields, unless you are a heavy, even if you are stacking extenders in every other slot.

Armor plates fail on every level, they are more expensive, CPU and PG wise, and give less benefit.

Complex ferroscale give less hp than basic armor plates, and you cant stack them like shield extenders because you need armor repair to function.

Reactive armor is completely useless for armor users. An enhanced armor plate and a complex armor repair will provide roughly the same health (within 3 points), much more armor repair, and less speed penalty than 2 complex reactive plates, while also costing half as much CPU and PG as the reactive plates.

It would be nice if CCP had complete patch notes, there are a lot of things that slipped under the radar.

Stamina now has a regeneration delay after sprinting (which hurts armor users even more since they cant fit biotic modules).

Mass drivers got roughly a 25-35% splash range buff depending on type. (im quite pleased with this, but it would have been nice to see this in the patch notes)

There is now a Saga II LAV, that has no SP requirement, has less than half the ISK cost of the Onikuma, with more CPU/PG, and 3 high slots, 2 low slots. It also comes with a built in blueprint module that you can replace, 3 minute CD, 8 second duration, 70% damage reduction. If Murder taxis werent bad enough, now you spend less ISK and dont need any SP investment to get a relatively durable LAV to run people over with.

Theres probably some other stuff that im missing.

User Info: darthsnider

4 years ago#4
Realtalk_Clover posted...
Stamina now has a regeneration delay after sprinting (which hurts armor users even more since they cant fit biotic modules)

This is a sick joke, right?

Because Scouts needed another nerf. lol
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User Info: carlos1879

4 years ago#5
MD's also got fixed they dont seem to just go through people anymore and at longer ranges where the grenade lands and where it explodes actually matches now. SO FAR anyway lol.

Weapon ranges all got changed the optimals all received slight buffs and the absolute range got a large buff for example you can now hit people at 100m+ with a SMG without the bullets just vanishing, although at that range you are just tickling your target.
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