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3x SP Event this Week

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User Info: Realtalk_Clover

4 years ago#1
Since i havent seen anyone mention it, i thought i would bring it up.

Starting tomorrow (thursday) the SP cap will be raised to triple the normal cap, and presumably SP gains per match ill be tripled

Any SP gained today will not be "lost" as they are not tripling the cap, but rather adding 2 weeks worth of SP to the cap.

Passive SP is not affected.

The event is planned to end next wednesday.

User Info: highsummoner1

4 years ago#2
word out on the Dust website right now is that anyone who played on Wed. wound up losing out on some of their triple XP, even though the devs clearly stated this would not happen. apparantly if you capped on Wed. then you'll get NO triple XP or maybe triple your 1000 cap. people are ****** off big time. they assured us this wouldn't happen so they better fix it.
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User Info: Toho2

4 years ago#3
Thank CCP!
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User Info: ILikesCheese

4 years ago#4

If you're omnipotent and all-powerful...why would you need to REST? On the 7th or ANY day?

User Info: KagoJunichiro

4 years ago#5
I'm pretty bummed that I missed this, because I only recently got into this game. Do they do these often?
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User Info: Lum_the_Mad

4 years ago#6
I'm pretty sure this was only the 2nd time since the beta went open that they had tripple SP, though it is only a month or so since the last time they did it. I would imagine they plan to do it again some time, it's a good way to boost people's SP when ever they release some kind of new weapon or dropsuit so people can get decently skiilled in them in less time.

That said the game's future is getting a bit iffy. If you combine the lack of real new content and a falling player base with the release of the PS4 games it's hard to say. For me Dust is a pretty good game and free to play but it's becoming a chore to hit my cap every week doing the same battles. Especially since there is maybe 4-5k players on at any given time at best and it seems like I fight against the same groups of people over and over again.
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