False Player Count?

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User Info: BigBOO2U

4 years ago#1
What is with the player count? It use to hover around 4,000 to 7,000 people. Now it's suddenly 40,000 to 50,000 players ?!?

I smell something fishy. Is CCP doing something "funny" to make it look like there are more people playing Dust than actually are? Including all EVE players perhaps?

User Info: Realtalk_Clover

4 years ago#2
Shortly after dust started dipping below 4000 they merged the numbers of dust and eve to make it look like dust isnt failing miserably.

User Info: Lum_the_Mad

4 years ago#3
Even with the fudged numbers it's still rather low at times. I've seen it low as 10-15k, and considering I kept getting into ambush matches were there was just me and another person I think most of those were Eve players.

I think CCP failed on dust so far with their focus. They went into making new weapons, suits, improving graphics and adding stupid effects like snow to existing maps. All find additions I'm sure.. but most players are getting sick of the same 3 game mods, with roughly the same selection of maps over and over again. I mean all you really have is ambush, SKirmish and Domination, I don't really consider Ambush OMS to be any different from reg ambush.

The main killer for new players though is just how long it takes to get any where in terms of skill points. You can't just grab weapons and try them out, you have to spend thousands if not millions of SP on them first. Meaning if you choose badly it could be months worth of work down the drain.

Added to that CCP keeps changing stuff around, potentially making months of investiment worthless. I'm sure Flaylocks will be nerfed eventually, and all those people using them will have millions of SP put into a useless weapon. Just like what they did with Mass drivers for a while.
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User Info: Realtalk_Clover

4 years ago#4
Yeah, and besides the huge SP requirements to get good gear, theres also the fact that the EVE fanboy mentality is that respecs are forbidden, and CCP seems to want to embrace that with dust.

Why would anyone grind for months to force themselves into one role and have to grind for months more to try something else, when you could play any other random FPS and have access to every piece of equipment in maybe two weeks of play at most.

User Info: STT_Zidane

4 years ago#5
this current number is the number of people on Tranquility (which is the combined total of current Eve Online AND Dust 514 players), it's an arbitrary change, but it's not like Dust numbers are private and inaccessible.

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User Info: darthsnider

4 years ago#6
Realtalk_Clover posted...
Yeah, and besides the huge SP requirements to get good gear, theres also the fact that the EVE fanboy mentality is that respecs are forbidden, and CCP seems to want to embrace that with dust.

Why would anyone grind for months to force themselves into one role and have to grind for months more to try something else, when you could play any other random FPS and have access to every piece of equipment in maybe two weeks of play at most.

Since when has Dust been advertised as similar to FPS?
It's link to EVE was always meant to be its main selling point..and obviously its biggest weakness.

They can't offer a respec every single time they change anything, because people will flock to the new OP stuff. That's exactly what happened with every previous reset. People studied what would be most effective, and everyone flocked to it. It really homogenizes and dulls the game in my opinion.
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User Info: Realtalk_Clover

4 years ago#7
If there is a flavor of the month, then it is the fault of the developers for poorly balancing the game. CCP should do a better job at balancing. People were pointing out the flaylock as overpowered before it was even live. Just based on the fanfest videos, people knew it was going to be OP

Barring that, the ability to respec would also allow more people to COUNTER the flavor of the month with their own spec.

Many potential FOTM specs could be things that are actually balanced, but their counter is not readily available in the current meta-game. This could be due to the fact that people havent finished the grind necessary to afford such a counter, due to the awful skill point cap/grind, or it could be that people are so scared to innovate because their precious SP is so limited, that they just stick to whats comfortable.

Then theres the issue that CCP makes changes that completely invalidate player decisions, then turn around and claim that somehow decisions are supposed to matter.

Armor Tank repair modules are very clearly are better than shield repair modules, but people just assumed thats how it was supposed to work. Shield has passive reps, armor has better active reps, it makes sense. Shield has better resistances against AV weapons across the board, but armor tanks have access to better active resistance modules. Armor tanks have more health than shield tanks, but are slower than shield tanks once they put on plating.

Each tank has natural advantages and weaknesses, and people made their decisions based on these differences in the options available to them.

After something like 2 years without a peep, CCP posts that armor repairs are doing 3x the rep of their intended values. To players it seemed natural, armor doesnt self repair like shields. It is assumed at this point that tank armor repair modules are going to recieve a heavy nerf, along the lines of 66% reduction.

Every person who specced armor tanks, weighing the trade-offs of taking bonus damage from AV and being slower, for more powerful repair modules and hardeners, will essentially have had their choices made meaningless, millions of SP wasted

I am a Gallente logi. I chose Gallente for the cpu/pg reduction to equipment, such that i can better perform my role as a pure support. I chose this, not because i wanted to be OP, else i would have picked caldari, but because it was the suit that best fit me as a player

I chose this suit, despite the fact that infantry armor is terrible compared to shields. I accepted the tradeoff of being extremely slow, and taking bonus damage from most weapons, being one-shot by many things that i would laugh at if i had went Caldari, on the basis that i would be that much better at performing the role of a pure support as a result of my racial bonus.

I actively avoided FOTM, chose the suit that would best fit the intended role of the logistics suit, as well as my personal tastes. Despite all this, my choice may soon be invalidated.

CCP has announced that they are completely revamping logistics passives to be bonuses to specific equipment, rather than the bonuses we have now (all of which are not equipment related, except for gallente).

The most logical first change would be to make the gallente passive the global logistics passive. If this happens, the entire reason i went gallente would be invalidated, as i could have picked any other suit and been faster and more durable.

What if the new passive i get is a bonus to a piece of equipment im not interested in? Then my new passive is completely worthless, and im left without recourse.

How are choices supposed to matter if CCP changes your choice for you?

Respecs solve a lot of problems the game has, while increasing replay value for those who are losing interest in the role they chose after months of play.

They dont need to be freely available, maybe put on a cooldown, but they are needed if this game wants to succeed.

User Info: BigBOO2U

4 years ago#8
STT_Zidane posted...

Whoever was in charge of creating all those graphs really has a weak grasp of math. The charts are only half useful without a cross-section for times and dates.

It is hard to judge if the game is a failure though. It seems to hold quite steady at a max of 4500 players a day, but who is to say if these are the exact SAME people every day or if new players are jumping on. Also, it is impossible to tell how much and how often the constant players purchase Aurum.

I find Dust 514 to be the most addictive FPS game I have ever played, but then I despise the typical best-selling titles in the genre like COD and Battlefield. I do think the game absolutely needs MANY more maps and game modes, and CCP's constant tinkering with items is a bit infuriating when a month's worth of SP is wasted on a device that no longer works as it originally did.

User Info: Realtalk_Clover

4 years ago#9
You can highlight any part of the graphs and it will give you a time and date with the player count in numerical form.

The game has terrible new player experience, terrible player retention, and bitter vet syndrome is setting in.

CCPs inability to communicate to the playerbase doesnt help.

User Info: IncomingF5

4 years ago#10
I got over Dust real quick. just plain boring to me.
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