2x AFK event, CCP is so naive.

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User Info: Realtalk_Clover

4 years ago#1
There will be a 2x SP event starting tomorrow the 7th, lasting for 1 week.

However, it is not a true 2x SP event. The SP cap is doubled, but only the SP converted from war points recieved is doubled. The 5 SP per second gain from being in a match, which makes up the vast majority of Active SP earned by any given player, is untouched.

This is an attempt by CCP to curb AFK farming, which they view as a major problem (in reality, afk farming isnt the problem, its the symptom of another problem, that being that dust 514 isnt fun or rewarding to play, whereas the character progression gained by playing IS fun and rewarding, even if its painfully slow).

What CCP doesnt realize is that this event is going to backfire horribly.

Normally to reach SP cap on AFK leeching alone, takes 10.6 hours of gameplay. Under this weeks event, to reach the doubled cap by leeching, it will take 21.2 hours. This makes sense and is probably what CCP is aiming for. Now for the problem.

If you make 5000 wp/hour, which i would consider to be above average, you will take 13.8 hours to cap. Even the best of players earning the most WP will still take more time than normal to cap out this coming week.

CCP is effectively increasing the already ridiculous grind that this game has. All this event will accomplish is encourage more people to AFK farm, and make them AFK farm longer, dragging down their other teammates for even longer periods of time.

Why did CCP think doubling the SP cap while only giving a ~20% SP gain increase would REDUCE AFK farming?

Edit: i have never AFK farmed for extended periods of time, but i predict a large amount of my cap next week will come from AFK farming

User Info: deadly_shotz

4 years ago#2
thnx for making this topic. i would have never known about this event i was almost at my sp can too. now i can get some new weps =D
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User Info: Toho2

4 years ago#3
I wish CCP would increase the SP gained in battle. Would make things more fun, instead of being stupidly hard to max out SP each week.
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User Info: darthsnider

4 years ago#4
This event is to bring back activity, cause they know how terrible their game has become.
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  3. 2x AFK event, CCP is so naive.

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