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User Info: Toho2

3 years ago#1
That CCP need to make acquiring skill points easier. It's not fun to have to play 10 games in a row, get crushed, and then spend your SP on one thing then having to play 10 matches again just to get some more SP. The system is boring and after playing for 6 months, I'm still unhappy with the game. I'm getting better yes, but the game doesn't have a fun factor to it. And that causes problems like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5QFDyNEYdU
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User Info: Lum_the_Mad

3 years ago#2
Personally I think the game started to go to heck around when uprising first came out. First off you have all the new content that came out that people had been waiting months for that failed to live up to expetations. Secondly they re-did the skill system and generally made things cost more SP to get with more prequisite skills. Back then I had maybe 8 mil SP and I could get do well as a logi, screw around with remote explosives, gerandes and a handful of weapons plus had some decent skill in vehicles.

Since uprising I now have about 13mil SP and I'm still not really capped out on all the logi equipment that I need nor my main weapon and I don't have a single point put into any vehicles. Imo a little while ago CCP looked and realized a lot of the more dedicated players were starting to finish up all their required skills and were starting to branch off. Worried about losing players who have 'nothing more to get' they decided to make it more costly to get roughly the same skills, instead of really inroducing new skills.

This has made the grind worse than ever, now most vetran players are grinding to get back skills they used to have while new players don't have a chance of being really competitve for at least 3-4 months. Given there is some doubt Dust will even be around that long... not many new people want to join the grind. CCP's rate of progress and real updates on Dust has seemed to slow to a crawl. All we get now are little tweaks to weapons and such every few weeks that make some one cry over wasting a few million SP on a now useless weapon or skill.
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