Active Scanners and 1.4 (Requesting Opinions)

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User Info: Realtalk_Clover

4 years ago#1
With the coming of 1.4, passive scanning is taking a severe nerf.

To compensate for this, i am considering using a prototype active scanner to provide intel to my team (despite the fact there's no WP reward for it).

To do this however, it would have to replace one of my existing equipment.

My current equipment setup is as follows:

Ishukone Gauged Nanohive
Wiyrkomi Triage Nanohive
Wiyrkomi Nanite Injector
Core Focused Repair Tool

I am considering replacing the nanite injector, as i get at most 2 revives per match with it in the current explosive-based meta-game, and when i am repairing someone, the repair is so strong between the hives and the core repair tool that usually the only things that would kill them are things that would also render them unable to be revived.

The rare few of you who use active scanners, how are they? I initially tried them and they seemed very hit or miss, but i never levelled them past standard. I recall there would be times where i would very clearly scan a heavy, yet it would not register him being scanned. I also know that scanning someone informs them that they have been scanned, which seems really counter-productive. The scanners also didnt seem to light up the target as long as the stats advertised.

Are the prototype scanners any good? Do they share information to the whole team or just your squad? Which is the best prototype scanner?

User Info: silent0ne456

4 years ago#2
I had that problem too with the scanners. It would no threat founded although they will pop up on my radar. I'm not sure how it is for this patch. I'm in the same situation as you so I will probably drop injector for active scanners.
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  3. Active Scanners and 1.4 (Requesting Opinions)

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