Any tips against tanks as AV?

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User Info: silent0ne456

3 years ago#1
Well I can take care of the tank's shield no problem. The problem is dealing with their armor afterwards. Should I just pretty much run away if I can't penetrate it?

User Info: EX_Bortthog

3 years ago#2
I personally hunt tanks down, not very many escape but you should be packing proto Swarms with advanced+ nanohives if you wanna deal with Madrugars alone. Madrugars with reppers and hardeners are the worst, you gotta stay on their ass or the mods will cooldown and its back to square one :/

Gunnlogis aren't as bad to deal with despite having so much shields, but thats because 99% of Gunnlogis run at the first sign of AV ironically despite Gunnlogis having the advantage over AV so working a Gunnlogi to a suitable location isn't that hard

If your a Forge Gunner, you shouldn't have issues with tanks so long as you have a good spot to see'm
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User Info: DrunkenJin

3 years ago#3
Armour tanks:

Use packed AV nades and at least advanced swarms. I recommend at least one complex dmg mod.

fire one swarm round if you are close then toss all your nades and empty the other 2 rounds. If your not close, sneak around and try to toss all AVs then swarm.

Shield tanks:

C-7 flux granades and basic swarms will do the job. Toss all three fluxes and after they go off start firing your swarms.
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User Info: obliviondoll

3 years ago#4
Don't expect to be reliably able to kill an enemy tank solo. If there's one tank vs. one AV player, and both are similarly skilled and have similar quality gear, a cautious tank driver will probably survive. A good AV player doesn't expect the kill every time, but they can take the tank out of the fight pretty consistently. If the enemy tank ends up going 0/0 because of you, then you did a good job.
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User Info: silent0ne456

3 years ago#5
Thanks for the tips

True I don't expect to kill as a solo. If the tank is blocking the objective then I have no choice to do something about it :\

User Info: carlos1879

3 years ago#6
Solo'ing tanks is depressingly easy if you get up high use proto swarms and few damage mods, the rendering means the tank can see the swarms so they get no warning meaning the first shot is free and by the time the first one hits you have got the other 2 sets in the air. Reload fire 3 more and 9/10 +150.

Or get up high use an assault forge gun and destroy anything and everything.
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