The Big One: Uprising 1.7 Patch Notes (Coming December 10th)

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User Info: STT_Zidane

3 years ago#1
Path to Game and Overall UI
* Made back end optimizations to reduce stalls when scrolling lists.
* Integrated sound effects in the end of match screen.

* Updated tooltips on/off option to be dynamic based on input type.
* Added Separate sensitivity settings when aiming down sights and hipfire for both keyboard/mouse and controller.
* Increased granular sensitivity options to 0-100 (previously 0-10).

* Improved spawning in Ambush. Reduced possibility of spawning into a group of enemies when battle starts.
* Transport Assists are no longer reduced when passenger accrues negative war points during assist window.
* Added intel kill assist rewards for vehicle scanners.

* Removed the hit indication UI and reticle color change from null cannon installations.
* Repositioned target intel readout to be closer to the gun.
* Added warning for vehicle active damage modifiers to target intel.

* Vehicles have received significant updates. They are being rebuilt and rebalanced from the ground up. Once we’ve established a solid foundation we will start to introduce more types and build back out.
* Vehicle turrets now have ammunition.
* Added the ability to reload turrets.
* Added new Ammo Expansion Unit module to increase total ammo.
* Enabled turret ammo resupply at supply depot installations.
* Updated third person dropship camera.
* Renamed vehicle modules to be consistent with dropsuit gear naming conventions.
* Added a damage threshold for triggering the shield recharge delay on vehicles to prevent low damage weapons from delaying vehicle shield recharge.
* Adding owner and squad lock timers to vehicles.
- No-one apart from the vehicle owner can get into a vehicle for 5 seconds after delivery.
- No-one apart from the vehicle owner and his squad can get into a vehicle for 15 seconds after delivery.
* Improved low LOD vehicle animation.
* Logistics LAV and Enforcer HAV roles have been removed pending an update before reintroduction. Available roles are:
- Standard HAV - Caldari & Gallente.
- Standard LAV - Caldari & Gallente.
- Standard Dropship - Caldari & Gallente.
- Assault Dropship - Caldari & Gallente.
* Vehicle physics have been updated.
- Gallente ground vehicles have slower acceleration and higher straight line speed, while Caldari vehicles have quicker acceleration with lower top speed.
- LAV - smoothed out power delivery.
- HAV - increased speed and maneuverability.
* Turrets have been streamlined to their most necessary archetypes (standard to prototype). Available small and large turrets are:
- Railgun.
- Blaster.
- Missile.
* Large and small turrets have been rebalanced.
* Some vehicle turret slots are now optional. Not fitting the turret will remove the seat entirely from the vehicle
* Module offerings have been streamlined to their most necessary archetypes. Available modules are:
- Shield Boosters.
- Shield Hardeners.
- Shield Extenders.
- Armour plates.
- Armour repairers.
- Armour hardeners.
- Damage amplifiers (per weapon types i.e. rail, blaster, missile).
- Ammo Expansion Unit (per weapon type i.e. rail, blaster, missile).
- CPU upgrades.
- Power Grid Upgrades.
- Scanners.
- Mobile CRU.
- Afterburners.
- Boosts.
* Vehicle skills have been updated and skills not currently used/needed removed.
* For more details on the vehicle changes please view the dev blog posted on

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User Info: STT_Zidane

3 years ago#2

* Added Minmatar Combat Rifles.
* Added Caldari Rail Rifles.
* Updated rifle weapon ranges.
* Reduced AV grenade damage (Standard: 1050 to 725; Advanced: 1260 to 870; Prototype: 1470 to 1015).
* Reduced Swarm Launcher damage (330 to 220).
* Reduced Swarm Launcher lock-on range from 400m to 175m.
* Added physical impulses to all weapon impacts.
* Removed physical recoil force on Assault Dropship small turrets.
* Forge Guns damage has been decreased for all variants, and charge time increased on all variants but Breach. See here for details.

* Improved vehicle shield and armor repair effects.

* When a repair tool is the active item all friendly HP bars will now be visible.
* Added shield extender 3% penalty - stacking slows down the depleted shield recharge delay.

* Added a new volcano mood.
* Added a new Caldari cityscape terrain backdrop.
* Introduction of new volcano terraforming.

Factional Contracts
* Friendly fire has been enabled in all factional contract matches. Please watch your fire while participating in these battles.
* The ability to punish team kills has been added to factional contract matches. You may now forgive or punish teammates when they kill you.
* If a player receives multiple punishes for team killing they will be removed from all factional contract matches and unable to join again for the day.
* Dealing damage to teammates, team vehicles and team equipment will be tracked on a per match basis. If a player deals 5,000 damage to teammates, vehicles or equipment in a single match they will be removed from the match and unable to join again for the rest of the day. Damage to installations is not counted.
* Factional contract matches will no longer pay out ISK rewards.
* Salvage in factional contract matches will now be based on what players on the other team lose in the match.
* A new factional warfare tab has been added to the end of match screen demonstrating the status of factional warfare within New Eden and how the match you’ve played affected the universe.

* Winning matches in factional contracts will earn you standing towards the side you are fighting for and lowerstanding towards the side you are fighting against.
* Getting kicked from a match due to friendly fire will lower your standing towards the faction you were fighting for.
* Your standings progress is now shown on the progression end of match screen.
* You can also see your standings in the character information sheet under the new standings tab.

Loyalty Points
* Participating in factional contract matches will earn participants loyalty points for the faction they are fighting for.
* Loyalty points can be spent on the market in the Loyalty Store section. Each faction has their own area in the loyalty store in which only their loyalty points can be spent.
* The higher your standing with a faction the higher your loyalty point payout at the end of the match.
* Four new faction boosters (one for each faction) have been added to the market. These boosters increase your loyalty point payout for the booster’s faction.
New specialist weapons have been added to the market and are only available in the loyalty store. These weapons offer prototype equivalent stats with lower CPU/PG usage and no other drawbacks.
* New equipment only available in the loyalty store has been added to the market.
Aurum items that offered equivalent stats to their ISK counterparts with only lower skill requirements have been made available in the loyalty store.

(Continued 2)
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User Info: STT_Zidane

3 years ago#3

Orbital Bombardment
* Warbarge strikes have been removed from factional contracts.
* EVE orbital strikes are now earned within EVE by capturing a complex above the district where a battle is taking place. EVE orbital strikes are no longer based on war points.
* When an EVE orbital strike is earned, all squad leaders are able to call the strike in. It is up to the EVE pilot to pick which request to fulfill.
* Both EVE pilot and warbarge orbital strikes can be found directly under the Off Map Support menu option instead of Off Map Support / Orbital Bombardments.
* Starship Strikes have been renamed to Orbital Strikes to be consistent with what it is now called in EVE.
* Warbarge - Precision Strike has been renamed to Warbarge Strike.

* Monthly and weekly versions of all the leaderboards have been added.
* Monthly leaderboards start on the first day of the month and end on the last.
* Weekly leaderboards start on Wednesday and end on Tuesday.

Bug fixes and polish (fixed the following)
* Multiple RDV navigation issues around sockets.
* Multiple high drop off problems with the RDV.
* Camera drift on the Move.
* Explosive damage error that sometimes resulted in too much damage being dealt.
* Crash related to MKB weapon switching.
* Aim assist problems on vehicles and turrets (certain aspects were not working correctly).
* Issue that allowed players to rapid fire shotguns and mass drivers.
* SMG crosshair going blue instead of red on enemies.
* Issue with HP bars not being displayed properly when using turrets.
* ‘Invisible weapon’ bug.
* ‘Double weapon’ bug (two items in hand at once).
* Impact effect culling issues with large turrets.
* Issues where having multiple nanite injectors equipped would cause auto revive to not work.
* Issues with nanite injectors auto switch feature causing you to switch back when you don’t want to.
* Issues with nanite injector prompt vanishing if you switch directly to nanite injector.
* Issue with drop uplinks that (sometimes) prevents valid drop uplinks from being displayed.
* Bug that caused effects to become dissociated with the muzzle of the repair tool.
* Some errors with the scan feedback messages being displayed for long periods of time.
* Revive icon being displayed for non nanite users.
* Weapon reloading loop that could occur in high lag situations.
* Bug that was causing errors in view distance rendering for vehicles.
* Bug with vehicle module cooldown UI that was giving incorrect feedback.
* Issues with full screen hit indication to ensure it is always based on firing location.

* Refactored incremental patch system.
* Implemented crash reporting and performance monitoring that collects information from players which will improve game stability and performance.
* You can now delete or mark all mail as read in the currently selected mailbox with a single operation.
* Characters in chat and on the scoreboard are now sorted correctly so that characters beginning with lowercase letters are not at the bottom.
* The squad finder icon has been updated.
* EVE players connected to a district will show up in team chat for the side they are on and can connect to voice. This affects both factional contracts and planetary conquest.

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