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Just thinking...

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User Info: JanayBerry

4 years ago#1
Although I don't play this game often, I log in daily for the rewards then log out.

When I DO play, it'll be one game then call it quits (since I been playing during closed beta on PS3, I would always get killed before I even get a chance to pull the trigger, or I die miles away from a base lol...)

However, with all the update and freebies that CCP give us, I'm sure the game will continue to get played by others. Do you guys think this game should get a PS4 port?
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User Info: Toho2

4 years ago#2
I hope not! The game was so good in Chromosome, it didn't matter what most people did, it was fun! The game has lost everything that the beta was, and for that, it should die. The whole game is a scam for your mind!!

User Info: STT_Zidane

4 years ago#3
Uprising > Chromosome
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User Info: darthsnider

4 years ago#4
STT_Zidane posted...
Uprising > Chromosome

Implying that the game has improved since the framerate fix.
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User Info: obliviondoll

4 years ago#6
The game will almost certainly do what EVE Online does.

In time, there will be a PS4 version, but it will be limited to the capabilities shown on PS3. When the PS4 is the primary console and very few people still play on PS3, they will move to that console exclusively and start taking proper advantage of the new hardware.
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