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User Info: darnb1991

3 years ago#1
I just spent a ton of ISK in the game on the Militia Forge Gun. How do I equip it? I created a new drop suit but it doesn't show in the menu when I select my guns. Please Help.........I think this game is awesome BTW. Oh and I'm fairly new so bare with me.

User Info: obliviondoll

3 years ago#2
If you bought a Militia Forge Gun, that's a Heavy Weapon, and can only be equipped in a Heavy Weapon slot. If you're not using a Heavy Frame suit (or if you are, but it's a Commando suit), you don't have a slot that can support the weapon.

If you haven't spent SP on them, you can't get a Sentinel suit, because there's no Militia model. There's a Militia Heavy Frame suit, though, so that's your best option if you haven't spent SP on the suit.
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