Anti-Teamwork 514

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User Info: Dahk1

3 years ago#1
Seriously, I just got this today, but wow. Want in a car with seats for 3 people? Nope! Haha, those seats are reserved for my 40s I'm drinking while doing nothing over in the corner. You said push for E? Hoho! I only learned numbers, letters are for squares (w-what's a square? Is that the thing with three sides?)

But really, when you drive alone, you're carpooling with Hitler.
PSN ID// Electric-Sharpie

User Info: obliviondoll

3 years ago#2
Lots of players sucking at teamwork doesn't make the game anti-teamwork.

If it was, the pubstomping teams wouldn't do nearly as well as they do. Individual skill matters, but not as much as good coordination between teammates.
"I want my meals to think for myself"

User Info: silver_wolf80

3 years ago#3
^ so true!

User Info: JCTC1013

3 years ago#4
I offer for people to get in tanks with me, they never do, and people choose not to upgrade tanks to hold only 1 person so no one else can get in. Selfish. Click Forums, sign up, and send a message saying you want an account, may take a few days to activate your account.
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