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User Info: chinchillables2

3 years ago#1
https://dust514.com/recruit/nmzpr9/ = my referral link. Go through it (even if you are joined already if you have not been invited officially)

I am growing very swiftly in this game and have figured some very interesting methods of doing things out. I like to run squads where we talk on mic and work together to maximize efficiency. If you join my link, and message me, I can help train you, teach you some things, and give you some rare officer (once market opens)

I'm looking for very active players cause I want to experiment with the Staff Recruiter Sniper Rifle. Even if you have an account, go through the link anyway, just message me.

User Info: obliviondoll

3 years ago#2
And if you don't like TC, or if you like me better (haha yeah right), feel free to use my link instead:


More seriously though, joining someone who's active and willing to help is a good idea in DUST 514. It's part of New Eden, so the alliances you make can be more important than your own personal skill (or lack thereof) at times. Less so in DUST than EVE, but teamwork is a huge factor here, so having a bunch of relatively noobish players working together in Militia gear can allow you to beat an uncoordinated team full of skilled players in prototype gear. If the proto guys are working together too, you'll be in for a tougher fight (obviously), but it's still useful to bring friends wherever you can.

I approve this thread (but hope you'll use my recruiter link because it gives me stuff instead of someone else).
"I want my meals to think for myself"
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