Multiple Sex Partners at once.

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User Info: ForgottenOath

6 years ago#1
Though, how do you have sex with multiple people, let alone 4 other people. An orgy. (Swinging Sword.)
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User Info: Tziggyx

6 years ago#2
I want to know this also. I didn't make a Brothel, so I don't even know if I can do it.
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User Info: ExarOs

6 years ago#3
I have been trying forever with no luck.
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User Info: Amidamaru_

6 years ago#4
Not having the game, so having no in-game experience, I'd imagine it goes the same way as in Fable 2.

Woo the girl/guy, "Come Hither, Dear", rinse and repeat for the desired amount of bed-partners. Done.

But I could be wrong. Like I said, still waiting for my game to arrive.

User Info: felipesubstance

6 years ago#5
maybe in coop each person brings a partner?

User Info: Shifter1178

6 years ago#6
Go to Brothel in Bowerstone. Go upstairs and find the room to the left with 4 beds and 4 prostitutes. There will be two standing in the middle of the room as well, making a total of 6. These prostitutes will have an option for "Sex Invite". Make sure to use this option for all of them. Interact with all of them and bring them to one bed (they will follow you). Click "Sleep" (make sure to select a sex option- protected or unprotected). You have to have selected to make a brothel at the end of the game to do this. (From Strengthgamer)

User Info: GodSpark127

6 years ago#7

That should be how it works, but Lionhead decided that we don't need to choose our expressions anymore. The game auto-picks one good and one bad expression from your available ones, and you MUST do it to get a different one. It is by far the worst feature in the game.

The only way you can bring someone "to bed" is by holding their hand and bringing them there. You can only hold one persons hand at a time. So I think the multiple heroes thing is the only way to do it.
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User Info: Amidamaru_

6 years ago#8
So... how about dragging everybody you'd want to include towards the bed, and then initiating sex?

I'm sure this has been tried before, but I'm just throwing out suggestions based on nothing.
(Gotta love being European. Do so hope my copy arrives tomorrow.)

User Info: f3akishlyugly

6 years ago#9
anyone figured out how to do this with a Good profile?
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User Info: cardician

6 years ago#10
You can't. Good guys don't have orgies I suppose.
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