Magic Aura, Strength, Stature

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User Info: YonScodGatsey

7 years ago#1
Hoe do you get the stars up in these areas. I am in bowerstone now and none of these have gone up. I kill everything and have done all the quests up until this point. Is there something special I need to do.
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User Info: Zanes

7 years ago#2
you need to spend guild seals on weapon chests to raise Strength, Stature and Magic Aura.

its like raising a level cap. those stats go up slowly over time spent using melee, ranged or spells. so if you unlock only the first weapon chest then it will only go as high as 1 star.

User Info: clubs10

7 years ago#3
zanes is wrong I'm fairly sure it goes up from using that skill alot it's weird that your's hasen't gone up 1 though.
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User Info: Pickles16

7 years ago#4

my took a long time to go up as well, you just got to pe patience with it, I am pretty sure you have to use them and it doesnt really correlate with getting the chests. Just keep using them a lot

User Info: Seren85

7 years ago#5
Using them alot makes them go up but it is a relativley slow progress. Especially if your like me and I like to vary my kills. I've been told using the hammer will make your strength go up quicker than the sword will. Regardless I've kept my sword. I did go up in magic aura though but especially since getting the spell weave I launch a lot of spells.

User Info: Kaseron

7 years ago#6
"Up to this point."

User Info: silverdraconum

7 years ago#7
I liked using the hammer type weapons so I had no problem buffing up. I also liked to shoot people in the face, so my stature went up too. Also setting people on fire while I electrocute them makes me giggle, and apparently gave me a more noticeable magic aura.

Just use the corresponding skill to kill enemies and that stat will go up eventually. If you like to explore a lot and tend to run into lots of baddies it won't be too hard to max them all out. Or if you're evil, just go nuts in a town and slaughter as many guards and villagers as you want.

User Info: carlsjos

7 years ago#8
Just keep playing, they'll go up eventually. All of them are 5 stars for me already and I haven't even reached the King phase yet.

User Info: infinitexx

7 years ago#9
They are either very random, or very glitchy, since it took me like 1400 melee kills to get 5* on one character, and another got there in like <200.
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User Info: rogueoftime

7 years ago#10
Just finished the game, ONLY used my Pistol / Rifle, took the Hammer and only used it until I got a gun, never upgraded Magic, never upgraded the Hammer, but I did upgrade Ranged all the way and also bought every expression / work upgrade I could. This is what I ended up with:

Strength: Two stars.
Stature: Five stars.
Magical Aura: No stars.

I think it's safe to say that upgrading Lute / Pie / Blacksmithing contributes to Strength, since I never used my Hammer aside from the start of the game where you don't have a ranged weapon yet. Hope this info is helpful to someone.
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