Red Setter dog potion and Regular Setter.

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User Info: Setti16

6 years ago#1
I pre-ordered my copy of Fable 3 Collector's Edition from Gamestop. It came with the highlander outfits and Red setter dog potion. I downloaded the code content and it worked great. The outfits and potion appeared on my gift shelf like they were supposed to.

Now all that comes in on the gift shelf in subsequent playthroughs is the outfits.

I have compared the descriptions of dlc in the marketplace and its says in the dog potion pack pink poodle, white poodle, alsation, setter and another one forgot what it was.

and in the content for the outfits on my download history shows the red setter potion.

There is also dlc just for the red setter potion, which I have downloaded btw, but all I have is the setter no red setter. Please do not tell me they are the same thing for I know for a fact they are 2 different breeds of dog.

Does anyone have any understanding of wtf I am talking about?
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