Will riding a horse in Fable III be possible?

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User Info: sangwkim

7 years ago#1

I want to play my character as a medieval knight and I want that my character to be able to get on a horse and get off a horse. Also I want my character to marry and get children. I want all items such as shiny armors, crwon, and king's figure in Fable III. Will they be possibe?

User Info: NoSkillzGaming

7 years ago#2

Fable 2 has all on that, except the horse of course, and why does everyone want a horse? It doesn't really fit into the world of fable 2.

User Info: LotrMorgoth

7 years ago#3
i heard PM might put in one of the quarter-rides near the stores
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User Info: Vic-Ferrari

7 years ago#4
I'd say horses would fit into Fable quite well. They didn't have cars back then. How else do you think people got around? They didn't walk everywhere.

User Info: blutoblutarskyX

7 years ago#5
given that almost all the female npcs in fable2 were ugly enough to qualify as horses, pm has already included the ability to "ride" them in the game.


7 years ago#6

In fable 2,I think the pony tail description said it wasmodeled after the "mythical" pony.

User Info: peat_bog60

7 years ago#7

sangwkim posted...

I want to play my character as a medieval knight...

Unfortunately for you Fable III is set in an industrial revolution age universe, rather than the traditional medieval-fantasy setting of most WRPGs.

NoSkillzGaming posted...

Fable 2 has all on that...

Fable 2 doesn't have that, as it's not set in a medival-type universe either, it's an early modern era setting.

User Info: Justice98405

7 years ago#8
"and why does everyone want a horse?"

POSSIBLY because the first Fable game promised us a horse that would be an integral part of the gameplay, but like MANY features promised for that game, it was cut.
So some of us just want to see ALL of the features promised to us for the FIRST game in the 3rd game. :)
To the mattresses.

User Info: DeacJ1

7 years ago#9
also to the person who said horses wouldnt fit in the fable univers. I guess all the carriages we saw in Fable 2 were propelled by ghosts or possibly the threstals from Harry Potter?

tho riding a horse would be quite fun or at the very least to use it as a equipment carrier. That way all the clothes, weapons, misc items and trophies have somewhere to be instead of magically shrinking to microscopic size.

User Info: meralonne

7 years ago#10
Perhaps you all should take a moment and search for "horses" in the Lionhead forums.

It's not going to happen. Period.
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