New Spells?

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User Info: voiceless0_0

7 years ago#1
What new spells do you want to see in Fable III? I loved quite a few of the spells in Fable 1, but in Fable II most of the seemed kind of lackluster... With my pure Will character, it pretty much turned into Slow Time+Charged Inferno=Win. Chaos seemed really cool, but... wasn't. Vortex had promise, but was never really useful to me.

Personally, I'd like to see something like Chaos in Fable II, but with more Chaotic effects. Like, instead of randomly making enemies fight eachother or just stand around like morons, what if they randomly burst into flame, causing DoT, or made enemies unable to use a weapon type they were using? (example: A bandit is shooting at you, you Chaos their ass, and then they're forced to Melee?)

A better summoning spell would also be great. The Raise Dead spell worked wonders as a meat shield, but I think I would have prefered it if you summoned a single creature that lasted until killed, and would be upgraded the longer you charged the spell, more akin to the summon in Fable I. With a Dominate/Charm spell, you could potentially create your own army.

And, while this isn't as on topic, streaming some spells would be nice. Like, instead of just shocking an enemy a little bit, you could hold the spell into a continuous stream. I know this wouldn't work for some spells, but others, like Inferno, could cause a continuous stream of fire. Stream slowtime and pair it with your summon, and you can just stand around while your summon decimates your opponents.
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User Info: LotrMorgoth

7 years ago#2
personally, i didn't like the changes made to the will system for fable 2 so i help they address the whole system.

the only thing i thought was fair was the removal of will power bar for a) swords and guns/bows didn't require ammo and b) it ended the "your willpower is low, watch that"
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User Info: inyourmouth2

7 years ago#3
i didnt like the fighting system in fable two much i think they should leave the one button for each type of fighting and turn back to the old system of switching between weapons.
sure it takes more time but it seems a little more interesting to me.
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