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User Info: Retribution_v2

7 years ago#1
Will this game actually have more than ONE set of armor....
Retribution v2

User Info: ronnet

7 years ago#2
What is it with people and armor? It's obvious by now that the time period of Fable 2/3 isn't suited for armor. How far into the future does Fable need to go for people to accept that? WW1 far enough?

Fable 2 only had one set of armor because fans demanded that there be armor and as DLC its not that weird. Now I'm ok with a few metal plates on the chest and shoulders for soldiers and guards but full knightarmor just doesn't work anymore. It would make it very unclear what setting Fable 3 takes place in.

User Info: memo76

7 years ago#3
why would this game have any armor? thats like complaining that madden doesn't have a rocket launcher or need for speed is missing the the roller blades.

User Info: Holy_Avenger

7 years ago#4

... Yall are also missing that by the time repeatable rifles were widespread in real life "melee" was essentially nonexistant. Yet it's an integral part of fable, and armor was made to protect from swords and the like. Not to mention you throw magic into the mix, which is a whole other ball game. For instance, I don't know about you but I'd really like some armor on me if someone used "blades" on me. So having armor is not nonsensical like yall are implying.

User Info: EmperorLinkX

7 years ago#5
why would this game have any armor? thats like complaining that madden doesn't have a rocket launcher or need for speed is missing the the roller blades
not even remotely close dude.
Death to Gnomes and Murlocs!

User Info: AtrumRuina

7 years ago#6
Holy_Avenger has it right. It makes perfect sense within the context of Fable because Melee is one of the main components to the games. There's also obviously a demand for it and adding it in as a purely aesthetic change as it was in Fable II would work just fine. And really, it would make it difficult to tell what time period it is? That's among the silliest things I've ever heard. The clockwork springing up around you in cities and technology, the people wearing victorian clothing in towns, the semi-advanced weaponry. . .these would all be negated by one warrior-king in a suit of armor?

I am also of the opinion that longbows should still exist in Fable. Items like Skorm's Bow which are magically imbued still make sense with the advent of guns in the game. Just saying.
"Suppose you throw a coin enough times. . .suppose one day, it lands on its edge." -Kain

User Info: memo76

7 years ago#7
TC why did you make this topic? Do you really not know the answer to this question? Or do you just WANT armor like i want armor and %90 of fable fans want armor? I realize the game is not finished so it could be added but PM has made no mention of armor and he has made it clear the game is moving in a different direction.

User Info: a-cor

7 years ago#8
lol memo
Theres nothing more boring then other people's dreams.

User Info: puffmcgruff

7 years ago#9
This topic is full of laughs. People freak out over trivial things, I myself do like armor. Although I'm currently having fun trying on different stuff in Fable 2 and seeing how it looks. (Minus Cross-Dressing lol)

User Info: diebalazdie

7 years ago#10
I understand not having full metal plate armor. But it would be nice to have a little. like others have pointed out there is still melee in the fable world. maybe they should add something like the morphing weapon, except with articles of clothing, depending on how you played the pieces of clothing would changed. like someone who uses melee attacks more would get armor, but people who used guns would get clothing appropriate for that. also it would change on whether your evil or not.

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