Last fable game?

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User Info: darkcresent91

7 years ago#1
Think this will be the last fable game?

User Info: Aegeta

7 years ago#2
PM has said he wants to make at least 5, but if it doesn't do well it might be the last.
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User Info: ceromaster

7 years ago#3


User Info: LordSothe

7 years ago#4
I severely doubt it.

If Fable III makes anywhere near as much money as the first two did, there will be a fourth one.

User Info: king_of_spira

7 years ago#5
No Way!!! Fable's to popular to stop at 3. There'll be at least 5.

User Info: theBridgeburner

7 years ago#6
Considering Fable II has sold nearly 3 million copies - damn good for a console exclusive - and if Fable III gets even a million sold, it'll still probably have a sequel. So, last game in the series? Doubter.

User Info: blutoblutarskyX

7 years ago#7
so long as the cash keeps rollin in pm will make games, irrespective of the quality of those games.

i think aside from final fantasy, fable is the one game title that sales numbers do not affect the qualty of the game.

however- unlike ff, due to the fun and overally light hearted nature of the fable (well fable 2) games, you can enjoy the game immensely even with glitches and poor story or generic gameplay and generic combat.

User Info: Breaking_Oath

7 years ago#8
PM stated that he and the crew already had ideas for Fable 4 and 5.
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User Info: Fraust

7 years ago#9
I most certainly would not mind more Fable games.

User Info: True_Rune

7 years ago#10
I really want to hear what their ideas for a 4 and 5 could be.

but that's probably on a need to know basis, lol.
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