Fable 3's awesome new co-op.

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User Info: sqicychiqotles

7 years ago#11

Did microsoft give a reason for doing this other then being greedy bastards? Either way i blame Phil Spencer.

User Info: Magus Rune

Magus Rune
7 years ago#12

1. Originally Xbox Live was Free *in the beginning*.

2. Playstation Plus is not free. ( http://us.playstation.com/psn/playstation-plus/ ) (Actually there's a great PA comic about this: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2010/6/30/ )

3. It's a $10 increase, people. $10 over the course of an entire year.

User Info: Scryer999

7 years ago#13

This is gonna make trying to kill your spouse alot harder...

"Hey, can you go online for a sec? i just gotta...clean something... with this gun..."

User Info: TCGJesse

7 years ago#14
Yeah people are over reacting with the price increase... That is less than a dollar extra a month guys. Playstation plus though IMO is a better deal, as you get free games every month that you would normally have to pay for, which I think is how playstation plans to one up MS in their online features.
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User Info: wirelesscandie

7 years ago#15

I think the multiplayer looks fun. And playstation is free online, Playstation plus is for people who get content early because they pay.

User Info: aheedthegreat

7 years ago#16
It's not that a dollar breaks the bank, it's just that the dollar is not needed. Micro$oft already makes mad bank of us, i don't like being nickel and dimed.
As for the co-op, I'm still skeptical this will be a good game. Peters blown things out of proportion before.
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User Info: TCGJesse

7 years ago#17
Wirelesscandi.... No, that is not it. Like I said people who pay for plus also get PSone and minis for free a game is chosen each month and if yo have plus you get it for free. There are other perks to plus as well but I do not recall them off the top of my head.
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User Info: deathtrooper31

7 years ago#18

Blulightning posted...
What do I think of the new Co-Op?

.... Well, to be honest, I think Microsoft shouldn't be raising the price of Live Gold membership in November.

Oh you weren't talking about the price increase to play Co-Op? Hmm... Oh well......
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User Info: TCGJesse

7 years ago#19
Microsoft is a business... Of course they want money. If I ran a business I too would do the same. People will pay it so there is no sense in complaining about it.
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User Info: TheCaveRat

7 years ago#20

Magus Rune posted...

3. It's a $10 increase, people. $10 over the course of an entire year.

This, I'm ashamed to say I spent $60 on an MMO for 4 months. That's just one game, that i didn't really enjoy that I got peer pressured into playing. Having XBL lets me play all my games online. So therefor, not having XBL is like me throwing away my Halo 3 + ODST disks, my CoD4 disk, and my MW2 disk (which i should throw away anyway), because there is no way I'm going to play the crappy campaigns again... You can say I'm the kind of person who would pay whatever Microsoft asks, maybe I am, but I've never payed the full $50 for a card anyway, shop online and look for deals.

Also, Newegg has 12 Month cards for $30 go buy like 3 of them... Even after thats done I bet you could shop around online and never pay $60 for another card after Nov. anyway.

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