The Ice Maiden help!!

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User Info: Daniel491

6 years ago#1

Do i need to do the mortar mini-game solo to gain this? I have done it three times with friends and have gotten other items instead. So has anyone else had trouble with this?

User Info: RocketPunch

6 years ago#2
You need to get over 2000 points, and rewards are random. You could just as easily get a different weapon than Ice Maiden.

If you want an Ice Maiden I could trade you for one.
Now you see! Mazinger Z's power!

User Info: deathtrooper31

6 years ago#3
Found mine in a 20 key chest!

User Info: oemorish

6 years ago#4
i got mine t the mortar mini game lol. yeah you got to do it solo i think, i may be wrong. but its not hard. don't bother with 1 or 2 hallowmen at a time, just listen to jammer say where they are coming from and then target the 4-6 that are coming out all at once. and other big groups. if their gone swing to the other side of the map and maybe fire a shot on the way at 2 or 3 left over zombies.
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