Help with Veronica

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User Info: Lukeisdbz

6 years ago#1
Started the quest to seduce Veronica but she just stands in the doorway to her house and I can't speak to her. Help?


User Info: Dark One

Dark One
6 years ago#2
Do her Brotherhood of Steel quest line first.
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User Info: Darque

6 years ago#3
Jill Valentine > You

User Info: Cryptics

6 years ago#4
this isn't fallout new vegas lol
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User Info: negablitz3

6 years ago#5
Yep, I've got the same glitch. She's floating about a foot off the ground and I can't interact with her in any way. So annoying because the quest is for 20 seals as well...

User Info: ArchonKnight9

6 years ago#6
Yep, she's glitched for me as well. Can't interact with her.
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User Info: sravankb

6 years ago#7
Even I have this problem. This seems to be a common glitch then.

Hopefully Lionhead will patch it soon.
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