golden key locations

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User Info: xorba

6 years ago#1
where are these golden keys? can anyone specify where they are?

User Info: Blaze_of_Orange

6 years ago#2
Have you tried google? Or even the search bar?
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User Info: Hitman_67

6 years ago#3
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User Info: 1337YODA1337

6 years ago#4


Mistpeak Valley

#1 - If you examine the map of Mistpeak Valley, you can see two cave entrances above the Demon Door and one on the far side of the level up in the hills. Travel to the cave up in the hills; you can reach it by running uphill from the lake and going left just before the path to Brightwall Village.

You can follow a grassy ridge past a treasure chest to find the cave entrance to Chillbreath Cavern; it is not an icy entrance, it is a thawed, brownish cave entrance. Run through this cave, and take the path leading upwards. You should pass a 15 Silver Key chest on the way, as well as various other dig spots and chests.

Keep heading uphill, and eventually you will come to an exit at the very top. Once outside, run down the short hill to find the Gold Key floating amongst some ruins.


#2 - Driftwood is an area that you can access after completing the “Restoration” side quest in Millfields (pay 750 gold to repair the bridge). In Driftwood, complete three side quests to help reach the coastal islands: An Island Getaway, Pest Control, and Giftwood for Driftwood. Then, leave and return to the area to reach a flit switch on an island across the new bridge.

You can now follow the flit switch around the area, and hit it with you melee or ranged weapons. Climb the mountain in pursuit of the switch. A warp zone at the top will take you to the Gold Key.

The Veiled Path

#3 - At the staircase at the far end of The Veiled Path is the entrance to The Enigma area. Look for a flit switch at the end of the room. It is above the door. Use the Fireball gauntlet (alone) to light the torches in the next area. In the room with the colored floor panels, examine the flames on the wall. These flames reveal the order in which you must step on the panels: Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Red. The Gold Key is just beyond the door.

Shifting Sands

#4 - To get this Gold Key, you first need to have access to the Aurora continent. In the city, do the “A Key To A Greater Key” quest. This quest should become available after completing the main game. Talk to the guy who offers the quest near the tatooist, and he will sell you a key for 4,000 gold.

Then, go to Shifting Sands, and run across the vast dunes. On the far side, turn left and follow the cliff face until you find a little path down by some ruins. At the bottom, use the key to unlock an area that contains the Gold Key. Step on the platforms to fight enemies and slowly make your way to the key.


User Info: xorba

6 years ago#5
to Blaze of Homosexual

asking questions is what this site is for you dumb (insert explicit word here). why would i use the search bar when i can go straight to gamefaqs and ask the reliable source of information known as the board. just because your a waste of space in real life doesnt mean you have to occupy space on my topic too. just screw off

User Info: xorba

6 years ago#6
to yoda

thanks dude

User Info: Syrazun

6 years ago#7
*face plam*

He meant you could have used the Search Bar on this board you dumb (insert explicit word here).
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