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4 Statues, 3 Talismans, Castle Library

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User Info: TheNitzel

7 years ago#1
Morning all,

So I found the Library when I became King and it has 4 statues in each corner that talk about the 3 greatest heros leaving behind 3 talismans. I assume once you have these then you get to go behind that locked door in the same room but I'm not sure what I should be finding or what I should do when I find them! I'm level 5 in all areas (Strength, Stature, Magic, plus all chests opened on the RtR). As I'm typing this I'm wondering if I have to bring the 3 default weapons given to me in the begining. Is that correct and if so do I just talk to that final statue?

Thanks for any help!
Have a Nice Day! =)

User Info: Ronin_Nexus

7 years ago#2
You have to talk to the statues in the correct order, which you can figure out from the story they tell. You don't need to bring anything. I don't even think the talismans are in the game. And all that's behind the door is a chest, but I can't remember what was in it.
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User Info: cmbrock2

7 years ago#3
Yea that's all you have to do. I think the chest contents are random cause all I got was a wedding ring.

User Info: Fryer

7 years ago#4
I don't know if this has already been found by another but if you shot the antlers of the 2 dear in a certain hallway the bookshelf opens and you get another chest with random crap in it.

There is a note in the hallway that says "First rule of becoming a trophy; Don't get shot in the head.

User Info: billnye69

7 years ago#5
Where is the castle library? :?
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