What is the best way to kick 100 chickens?

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User Info: Fraust

7 years ago#11
Kicking the same chicken a 100 times worked for me and both my friends I told to do it to level up stuff on weapons. Why it is not working for you I dunno. This game does have a lot of issues though.

User Info: lapoyoy

7 years ago#12
I wasn't doing the same weapon, but I had to kick a couple hundred or so. **THE best way is to be online, because every 5-10 kicks, it will give you an update on the tally, to let you know if what you are doing counts. ***

I went to the desert and kicked some chickens into a dead end and kept kicking them. This can obviously be done in Brightwall as well. I've never seen it require multiple chickens. Just block em in and kick away, and watch the counter grow. I actually walked away hitting the button while I had a quick cig....
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User Info: Cthulhu1890

7 years ago#13
Try kicking the Brightwall chickens into the water. I loved doing that. They respawn pretty quickly, and the respawns may count as different chickens.

User Info: jumper777

7 years ago#14
It was odd because my chicken kick tally went up but not my weapon augment tally.

Maybe I just screwed up and didn't guava it equipped. Wouldn't put it past me.
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User Info: deviantinvader

7 years ago#15

Travel to Aurora and trap a chicken in a corner, then spam kick it.

Not every kick will count, but a decent percentage will. Just spam kick the chicken for a few minutes and you'll get the augment (it worked for me).

User Info: LuckNotDoWithEr

7 years ago#16
Right now I don't know, I'm about ready to clear the entire cahce on my 360.

Anytime I run into the chicken contest lately I get a buzzing sound, I'm about to try and skip Waltar's quest and head directly there.

User Info: Daemon_Sith

7 years ago#17
You can definitely kick the same chicken. Aurora is the best place i have found because of the open space and it has several chickens in one location. You may have encountered a glitch if you do not get credit for kicking the same chicken.
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User Info: Okelliegh

7 years ago#18
Push the "A" button.

User Info: Odd_Donny

7 years ago#19
Yeah I've had the progress bars go wonky on me as well. Just corner a chicken (brightwall is the best place for this) and kick the living daylights out of it and you'll get it eventually.
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  3. What is the best way to kick 100 chickens?

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