the crawler/jack of blades

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User Info: SavanRandall

6 years ago#1
i'm on my third proper playthrough and i'm at the point where you face the crawler in the cave in aurora and noticed the crawler's voice sounds alot like jack of blades' and he says he's been waiting centuries for me and he knows Theresa so maybe the crawler could be connected to jack of blades in some way, just a thought.
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User Info: Fraust

6 years ago#2
I guess the Crawler does sound like Jack. Though it is just more of a generic evil thing type voice I think then anything else. I really doubt there is any connection between the two. I'd say no connection but eh...

User Info: meralonne

6 years ago#3
The Crawler is similar to Jack of Blades in that he's a one-note villain. I doubt very seriously that there's any connection beyond that.
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User Info: The_Abhorrent

6 years ago#4

Canonically, Jack of Blades comes from a place known simply as "The Void". He was one of three entities which came from the same place (Knight & Queen of Blades), all of whom were defeated by the first Archon, William Black (speculated to be Scythe). His compatriots were slain, but Jack escaped death for a few millenia until the Hero of the first Fable game.

Fast forwarding to the current era, The Crawler is generally accepted as the "thing" which stalks you through the caves in your first trip to Aurora and posesses Walter at the end of the main storyline. I would prefer to think of the Crawler as the whole of the shadows (because the monster definitely is a terrible villain.... but is it the ringleader or a mere pawn? I prefer to think of it as the latter) which decimated Aurora and could potentially kill everyone in Albion if you don't raise the needed gold for your army.

It's my guess that the Crawler comes from the Void as well, and if my guess about it being the whole of the shadows and not just that one monster, it's the advancing army (or something to that degree) of the Void which is trying to encompass the entire world of Fable (not just Albion). As such, it's unsurprising that both the Crawler's voice and Jack's (from The Lost Chapters, it was a high-pitched but still sinister tone for the first release).
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User Info: DLP3007

6 years ago#5
I would have liked if they had somehow connected the Crawler to the Court. Like it was the long forgotten remaining essence of the Queen or the Knight. I love the fable games but I feel as though 3 has abandoned so much of the lore that the first two established.
For instance the Spire is kinda a BFD and 50 years later not one NPC talks about it! I mean with the fact it is frickin still visible I expected at least a little mention of it.

As an Elder Scrolls fan I think that is what make those games so fantastic. They make sure to keep using the lore, even if they rewrite a bit of it.

I really dug the stuff from Fable TLC and the Spire info from 2, but 3 thus far has offered no lore I will cherish going forward into other Fable games
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User Info: AllDay524

6 years ago#6
IIRC the crawler does mention the void when you first meet him. (Though off offhandedly)
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User Info: Rvp79

6 years ago#7
I like to to think that the crawler has more to do with the shadow court from the second game and has more of a connection to Reaver then we are led to believe at this time. Also i think the crawler is more of a pawn of something more sinister. When you fight the shadows and the crawler will sometimes say you make the children angry. It does not call the shadows his children just the children

User Info: Fraust

6 years ago#8
The Crawler seems more like the Borg queen from Star Trek. The thing behind this dark collective or something. Or it could just be some scrub. Would make feel better about the boss battle.

User Info: XLancerX

6 years ago#9
I really wish the shadow court would be the main evil force in the fable games. But yeah, Jack's not coming back, he's gone for good.
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