What unusual traits and ancillaries have you acquired?

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  3. What unusual traits and ancillaries have you acquired?

User Info: bollweevil

7 years ago#1
The traits and ancillaries that your various generals, ministers, admirals, etc. collect are a really interesting way to determine their influence on the game. I usually have a glance at the effect, but recently I started paying more attention to them. Such hangers-on as the "capering loon" are amusing, but one caught my eye a while back. A few characters end up with a "mistress," but now and then there's a "'mistress.'" I took a close look at this one, noticing the quotes, and saw that the image of this mistress is rather masculine. My most recent game has an admiral with a "holy cucumber" with a cow portrait that lowers his ability by 1; apparently it was a gift from the moon people. A minister has a governess that give him a +1. Nothing odd about that except the description notes that it is not necessary to have children to appreciate discipline. Classic!

Keep your eyes open and post the interesting ones you find.

User Info: deathman9

7 years ago#2
i got a "Lunatic" one for a gentlemen. When he got it i thought he turned in to a lunatic but it was just a follower.
and the one i hate the most is the blaber mouth wife or mistress or whatever my ministers are always plagued by them.

User Info: Cyber_Pyro

7 years ago#3
I can't remember the name of it but it was a +1 when commanding artillary for one of my generals. The quote was "Now this is a man who know's when to shoot his load."

Gotta love CA for that. xD

User Info: giocare

7 years ago#4
I guess this isn't unusual since you get it every time, but in the Egypt campaign Napoleon gets a hot air balloon that actually shows up during battles.

User Info: bollweevil

7 years ago#5
I just discovered that one. I normally keep the camera aimed mostly downward, but I just happened to angle the camera upward and saw that frickin' montgolfier floating around the sky! Awesome. I just wish I could see the magic cucumber in action.

User Info: YoJim8obaJoe

7 years ago#6

I miss the traits on medieval 1,like when you marry your own sister and have to cover it up,but then a spy finds out about it and the people lose loyalty,or that your king likes small boys :)

User Info: Lunater

7 years ago#7

Political correctness has ruined such fun for us.
I'm just waiting for the day they decide to remove any mentions of such facts from history books too.

Please recalculate the average survival rate in Life and tell me why it should be taken seriously?

User Info: bollweevil

7 years ago#8
I just picked up a new gentleman. Huzzah! Character trait? Sneaky! Whoo hoo! Oh, wait. Sneaky means research -1. Curses! Time for some dueling practice. In his first duel, both pistols misfired. Mr. Sneak threw his at his opponent and knocked him out. In his second duel, as the opponents turned to pace away, Mr. Sneak RAN away! I was hoping to see more amusing duels, but he was soon killed and replaced by a gentleman with a steady hand. I'm not sure if I should bother with the duels because my tech tree isn't quite flushed out.

One of my generals picked up a moon stone. I forget the the wording, but he seemed to think this thing was plane marvelous. Of course it increases his chance at being assassinated by five or ten percent (I forget which).
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  3. What unusual traits and ancillaries have you acquired?

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