How to stop an uprising?

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User Info: bob27272

7 years ago#1
Whenever an uprising/rebellion starts, the advisor told me to send in troops, yet, even when my army's there, the rebellion grows until I am forced to fight their rebel army. How exactly do you stop these? Is there something you're supposed to click on to order your troops to put down the uprising?

User Info: jkolya

7 years ago#2

There are 3 general factors to uprisings:

- Tax
- Happiness (dependant on different factors)
- Troops garrisoned in the city

Fairly simple, lower taxes = a more happy population that won't rebel. If you have a settlement that is really far in the red zone when it comes to unhappiness (such as right when you capture an enemy city that the enemy has held for a long time), ticking the 'exempt region from tax' will completely exempt them. This will bring a dramatic change in happiness. Other methods are to tinker with the tax sliders for upper and lowerc lassexcept this affects taxes nation-wide rather than a specific region. Only exempting regions from tax will affect specific regions.

Other factors that determine happiness include:
- Taxes (already went over that)
- Industrialization
- Religious unrest
- Resistance to foreign occupation (probably the MOST difficult to handle, and is also the most detrimental)
- Buildings that produce happiness (such as theatres, museums, and masonic/secret society lodges)
- Sending gentlemen into your cities
This is pretty simple. Industrialization depends on how many industrial buildings (factories, etc.) is in the region. Religious unrest is dependant on what the regions' native religion is in comparison to your nations' (unfortunately there is nothing you can really do about this in Napoleon, but in Empire you were able to destroy religious buildings that were causing this and send in your own religious agents to counter the balance). RESISTANCE TO FOREIGN OCCUPATION is what i'm guessing your problem is here. Whenever you conquer an enemy city, there will always always always be resistance to your occupation (and vice versa for the enemy capturing your cities). Now, the longer the enemy city is held by the enemy before you capture it, the harder time you will have controlling its populations happiness towards you. The more native the region is to the country you took it from, the worst it will be as well. So if you take France from France, for example, you are going to have a REALLY hard time keeping the population happy and even with fully garrisoned troops, be prepared to fight at LEAST 2 rebellions over the next 6 turns.

The only things I can tell you that will really help here are: 1. Keep whichever city is in question FULLY garrisoned, 2. immediately tick the box to exempt the region from tax, 3. allocate as many funds as you can towards constructing buildings that give happiness and repression if theyre not already there (theatres, courts of law, masonic lodges), 4. send as many gentlemen into the city (if keeping order in the city is more important to you at that moment rather than keeping them in universities).

To be honest, I personally do not bother doing that much work at all. If you have a region you just captured that has like -30 happiness (for either ****, chances are that whatever you do wont bring the happiness up enough to totally calm the region. You WILL have to fight a rebellion or 2. I figure if i'm not going to end up bringing the happiness up enough, then why bother exempting the region from tax? I need the money anyways, and the only thing that will help you in this situation is: TIME. Just let enough time pass and the region will calm down. It usually happens after about 6 turns (maybe even less if you apply all of the factors I mentioned) because it takes 3 turns for a rebellion to finally happen (first turn you get a strike, second turn you get a riot, and 3rd you get a rebellion).

Hope this helps

User Info: jkolya

7 years ago#3

Note I meant to say: if you take PARIS from FRANCE.

Well, the region is still called France, but the capital of it is Paris so I guess I was still correct.

User Info: bob27272

7 years ago#4
thank you very much

User Info: shammyboy

7 years ago#5
Also its often good to train militia since they have a garrison bonus so a full stack of them is better than your most elite army.

User Info: DolemiteXP

7 years ago#6
Gentleman also help quell the population, I had to use several when I took Paris.
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