Age of Conan is GREAT !

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User Info: funcommed

6 years ago#1
No, just kidding, it SUCKS !!!!
Age of Conan is GARBAGE ! Why ? Because FUNCOM developed it (that's already a bad start ...), and released it 2 years too soon (typical of them) .
Nothing works, nothing is enjoyable, and I do mean it : every single aspect of the game is either disappointing, boring, purposely annoying or just flat out broken . Don't believe me ? Let's look at it point by point : - PVE solo : why so much emphasis on it ? It's supposed to be a GROUP-based game ? Why is it so deep and polished in the first 20 levels and so unimaginative and poor after lvl 20 ? It's to lure in new customers(=rob them) : first 20levels are free to play so new customers are led to believe that the whole game is like that : WRONG ! Those 20lvls are a TRAP set to screw new players.
- PVE group : there is no TOOL to search for people to do group with, 90% of the dungeons are unused => FAIL
- PVE large group : Raids are boring, repetitive, set in ugly looking areas, not rewarding enough (loot balance is whacked) and they have enormous performance issue (lots of DCs and lag). So the main PVE endgame is FAIL . - Expansion : how would you like it if you only had 3 quests to do and you have to repeat them 1000 times to get your reward ? That's the Expansion for you ! Have fun !!! That makes 2 end-game activities that are total FAIL .
- PVP solo : there is no FFA PVP anymore, servers are ghost towns, there is literally NO ONE to fight in any area .
- PVP group : 4 PVP maps in 3 years, only ONE is used regularly . Need I say more ? FAIL ! (I'm not even mentioning class balance...)
- PVP large group : there should be "SIEGES"....still waiting after 3 years . That's FALSE ADVERTISEMENT !!!!
- Crafting : you don't have enough storage space for all the crap that you have to carry around ! And everything you craft is useless !!!
- Do I even have to go on ? I could go on for ages because there isn't even ONE positive thing i can say about FAILCOM and their crappy game, every single little thing deserved to be bashed, but you know what ? I don't have to ! Just try to buy the game : you won't find it, nobody sells it . Every store on the planet have returned all their copies to failcom . That's already an indication that the game is FAIL . However, if you manage to find a copy, look at how many servers are active : 4 . That means FAIL . Try to log on into a server and play for a while, see how many people you run into while doing your quests ..... that should do it for even the most loyal Funcom-fanboy : if you are playing a game ALONE it means you are playing a game that SUCKS .

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