We need a full list of unlocks.

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User Info: S100headache

7 years ago#1
Yes, they tell you what you need to do to unlock it in the game, but those who don't have the game yet could use the information just in case something we need is behind an instrument we don't have.

User Info: Svenyip

7 years ago#2
So really, what you're after is not a full list of unlocks, but the ones that are blocked by specific instrument requirements.

The actual challenges are listed below. As for what is unlocked by each, I'll have to track that information down for you later in my copious spare time. If anyone else wants to fill in the details, more power to you. :)

But unless I missed some, it's impossible to get at least eight unlocks without a "real" guitar, eight unlocks without a drum cymbal, FIFTEEN unlocks without a keyboard, and five unlocks without other people to sing in harmony with you.

(Video / Just WATCH to unlock) Welcome to Pro Guitar : ___________________
(Tutorial) First Real Song : ___________________
(Tutorial) Power Chords : ___________________
5* Easy Pro Guitar : ___________________
5* Medium Pro Guitar : ___________________
5,000,000 Million Pro Guitar Career : ___________________

5* Easy Pro Bass : ___________________
Pro Bass Immortal : ___________________
5,000,000 Point Pro Bass Club : ___________________

(Tutorial) Drum Trainer Initiate : ___________________
(Tutorial) Drum Trainer Graduate : ___________________
(Tutorial) Pro Drums Lessons : ___________________
5* Easy Pro Drums : ___________________
5* Medium Pro Drums : ___________________
5,000,000 Pro Drums Career : ___________________
Rock Band 3 Expert Pro Drums Master : ___________________
5 Gold Star Pro Drums : ___________________

5* Easy Keys : ___________________
5* Medium Keys : ___________________
90% Hard Keys : ___________________
Keys Showmanship : ___________________
Keys Streak 350 : ___________________
5,000,000 Keys Career : ___________________

(Tutorial) Major Scales : ___________________
(Tutorial) Advanced Scales : ___________________
5* Easy Pro Keys : ___________________
5* Medium Pro Keys : ___________________
90% Expert Pro Keys : ___________________
Pro Keys Showmanship : ___________________
Pro Keys To The Max : ___________________
5,000,000 Pro Keys Career : ___________________
5 Gold Star Pro Keys : ___________________

50 Triple Awesomes : ___________________
Is This Just Fantasy? : ___________________
Always Double Awesome : ___________________
300% Awesome : ___________________
(Can Get This Solo, Maybe?) 5,000,000 Harmony Career : ___________________
Svenyip (Peridot Weapon on XBox Live)
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User Info: S100headache

7 years ago#3
You left out the non-Pro instrument goals, since I've heard some are for Gold Stars, which requires Expert, and not everyone is a Dave Grohl of the GRYBO, let alone of real instruments. I've heard "Always Double Awesome" is possible with two mics on Heart of Glass, since the harmonies are an octave apart.

And I left something out. I also want to know what outfits and instruments are available from the start just for band planning purposes.

User Info: Svenyip

7 years ago#4
Now that they've "dumbed down" Gold Stars even MORE with this latest release (you get the "Unison Bonuses" for Overdrive when playing solo, which means more Overdrive with the same Gold Star score requirements), combining that with the Rock Band Network means that pretty much anyone on the planet can spend 80 MSP to find an appropriate 'fluff song' to Gold Star on an instrument.

Even Keyboard has a "gimmie" song on-disk, where the Pro Keys chart is literally the same three note chord for the entire song, done about 25 times. You only get one activation of 75% Overdrive and never even hit a standard 4x multiplier, but you can still manage Gold Stars with that much.

But yeah, there are some people out there that don't own a drumset or wouldn't touch a microphone with a ten foot pole, so I suppose a list of the other unlockables might be relevant. I've got my hands full right now with the "DLC/Export Goals" list, so if you want an extensive clothing FAQ, someone else will need to step up to the plate to do that one. :)

User Info: zyxomma100

7 years ago#5
From what I understand, the Gold Star requirements were appropriately upped to compensate for the unison bonus change.

User Info: S100headache

7 years ago#6
I thought the GS was upped to make up for Solo Bonuses.

User Info: airmancoop44

7 years ago#7
The GS scores may have been upped, but nowhere near the same ratio that they were in RB2. It's far easier to GS a song now.

User Info: S100headache

7 years ago#8
Oops, found out "Always Double Awesome" is all the songs on the disc.

User Info: Eric43

7 years ago#9
I did the Always Double Awesome challenge and you need to hit ALL of the harmonies in one run. Can't do some one run and some later. I assume this applies to the Obsessive Compulsive challenge, which requires you to 100% (not FC) every song in the RB3. So screw it, I'll never beat that one.

I actually did ADA by myself with three mikes. Read this, I guess it's applicable, though very hard to replicate...
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User Info: S100headache

7 years ago#10
Yeah, that thread how I found out ADA is all harmonies. What else was unlocked besides the masks?

Nice to see that none of the Pro Instrument challenges force you to 100%.
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