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Looking for help with "Let It Ride" achievement

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User Info: bberge

6 years ago#1
What's a good song to use for the "Let It Ride" achievement (90 seconds of Overdrive)? I have all the exports from the other Rock Band games (RB1, RB2, LRB, GDRB) plus lots of DLC, so I have lots of songs to choose from.

If there's anyone else out there interested in trying to get this achievement, send me a Friend request (gamertag in sig). I play all instruments and vox, just no Expert.
Bob Berge
XBL: BlackBox PSN: bBerge

User Info: Smappellation

6 years ago#2
Wanted Dead or Alive

I was on drums with a friend or guitar. You may be able to get it by yourself on guitar though. Not too sure
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User Info: airmancoop44

6 years ago#3
The Kill. Pretty sure it's do-able solo (guitar at least), but me and my bro (literal brother, not a "bro" calm down) got it on guitar and bass quite easily last night.

User Info: slayerxelite

6 years ago#4
Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Activate OD as soon as its completely full and whammy any upcoming sustains. Youll get over 90 seconds on solo expert guitar.
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  3. Looking for help with "Let It Ride" achievement

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