Weird noise

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User Info: MrFettuccine

6 years ago#1
So while playing RB3 today, it made a weird noise a few times. It is hard to describe but it is really loud and sounds like a noise out of Star Wars. It sounds like a feedback problem or something but I don't think it has to do with feedback. So I'm wondering if anyone else had that issue. It only happened like 3 times and I played it all day.
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User Info: NeedNoRespect

6 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: purple_pride99

6 years ago#3
Yep, the same thing happened to me too. At first I thought it was a power surge or my speakers but it only happened the one time.

User Info: Gman2989

6 years ago#4
This happened to me too a few times now, and I have no sort of mic plugged in. I think this game has a sound problem, because exactly like u said, it is like this extremely loud star wars like lasery kind of noise or something.---
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User Info: derekhickok

6 years ago#5
Yep, me too. It happened twice. Both times I was playing Doors songs. Is this consistent with everyone's experience, or has it happened on disc songs too?
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User Info: reedus

6 years ago#6
happened to me while playing get up, stand up and rock lobster. I know exactly what sound you mean.
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User Info: kroqjroq18

6 years ago#7
yep same here too....crazy that we get feedback sounds like an actual rock concert might get lol
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User Info: KatieJordan

6 years ago#8
Mine was only once, thank God, but man it was loud even though my sound system was low. I was playing Walk of Life on Keys, mic might have been plugged in but wasn't being used. Wonder what the heck is going on with that.
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User Info: Helmasaur King

Helmasaur King
6 years ago#9
It's relieving to hear that this has been a problem for other players, because I had to fuss with my speakers (something came loose in back and I was only getting mono sound) and when I started hearing that noise I thought they might be going completely.
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User Info: Shalashaska13

6 years ago#10
Yup, have had the same issue. So far it has only happened to me while playing keyboards. I also have the PSeye hooked up :\.
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